New From the Author of the Best-Selling Emotion Code Book

The highly anticipated Body Code book is available NOW!
Pick up your copy and start your energy healing journey
TODAY with The Body Code.


New From the Author of the Best-Selling Emotion Code Book

The highly anticipated Body Code book is available NOW!
Pick up your copy and start your energy healing journey TODAY with The Body Code.


“The essence of the Body Code is restoration. The body has an innate way of healing itself. The Body Code simply helps you find the causes of imbalance so that they can be addressed and corrected. As you create balance, the way to healing is open for mind, heart, and body.”

— Dr. Bradley Nelson






The Body Code is a roadmap to healing based in deep study of the human body, time-proven ancient practices, and the unlimited power of the subconscious mind. What you’ll find inside:

  • Powerful first-hand accounts of energy healing success

  • Hundreds of beautiful color illustrations and diagrams

  • Discover life-changing energy healing techniques

  • Concrete, actionable steps that will allow readers to unlock the body’s knowledge


“Dr. Bradley Nelson has done it again! The Body Code, Unlock Your Body’s Ability to Heal Itself is a true masterpiece. Your body is a pure reflection of your mind. Change your mind, heal your body. This book and Dr. Brad’s work is a must for anyone and everyone ready and willing to do the real work when it comes to deep healing change. Simple and full of golden nuggets and practical ways for unlocking the body code so you can live your very best life!”


 Developer of The LifeLine Technique® and Best Selling Author of The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude

“In The Body Code, Dr. Nelson builds on the work in his bestselling book, The Emotion Code, to create an all-encompassing framework for bringing balance, health, and happiness back into your life. These pages contain knowledge and skills you can immediately put into practice. This book will truly expand your understanding of what it means to listen to your body!  This work has changed my life for good!  This is a powerful book for the ages and I highly recommend it.”


Author of the National Bestseller: Becoming Your Best, the 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders


Take your healing to the next level with The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson | Discover Healing

Veteran holistic practitioner and trainer Dr. Bradley Nelson (D.C., ret.) is one of the world’s foremost experts in the emerging fields of Bioenergetic Medicine and energy healing. He has certified thousands of practitioners worldwide in helping people overcome unresolved anger, sadness, anxiousness, loneliness, and other negative emotions and their associated physical symptoms. His best-selling book, “The Emotion Code,” provides step-by-step instructions for working with the body’s healing power. Widely renowned as a speaker and a gifted teacher, Dr. Nelson is now making his teachings available to a wider audience.

―Dr Bradley Nelson

Worldwide Energy Healing Expert and Author of the bestselling book The Emotion Code

The Body Code Changes Lives

“A referral came to me, a man who suffered with severe back discomfort and who had been awaiting surgery for many months. His lumbar spine was deteriorating badly. In our first Body Code™ session, we worked on releases and corrections in each one of his lumbar vertebrae. In the second session, we both set an intention to work beyond the medications he was currently taking. He did a liver cleanse and stopped eating gluten. He also was able to decrease the amount of medication he was taking since he found he wasn’t needing much. Now he is walking daily, on no medications, and for the most part, is free of discomfort. We continue to work on inflammation energy and releasing trapped emotions as needed. One of many miracles!”

Norah Brown, British Columbia, Canada

“I had a series of Body Code™ appointments with a woman in her twenties who was emotionally distraught after breaking up with her boyfriend. She was living in fear. Her former boyfriend would not leave her alone and she was losing sleep and sanity obsessing about the situation all the time. What was discovered using The Body Code was that she had an unhealthy energetic cord with her former boyfriend that was connected not gut-to-gut as most negative cords are; her cord connected her genitals with his. Once identified, it took only a few minutes to eliminate the cord. The results were instantaneous. She immediately felt great relief. Her former boyfriend disengaged from her and never bothered her again. And she was able to move on and have a new, healthier relationship. The following is from the letter she sent me several months later:

When I first started The Body Code sessions I was recovering from a bad breakup. I was skeptical at first, as anyone is. However, as we began the work I started noticing that for the first time in my life there was a weight lifted off my shoulders. We were able to work through so much more than just the breakup. There was one appointment in particular when I called and expressed that I was in a bad place. I couldn’t get out of my head. It was intense but by the end of the appointment, I felt like I could finally breathe. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the person I am today without this work. Being able to push through old traumas I wasn’t even aware of has freed up my mind to focus on what’s actually in front of me. I will forever be grateful for this work.’

Client of Scott Stringham, New Hampshire, USA

“Last week before I had my first Body Code™ session, I could not swallow well. Every meal would involve choking. There have been a couple of instances where the choking interfered with my breathing.

When I had my first Body Code session, I asked if we could start with my throat area, which always felt full and uncomfortable. It was my priority and was a 7 in terms of severity on a scale of 1-10. We were able to release 9 imbalances from that area and I immediately felt a big reduction in my discomfort, and when it was checked again, it went from a 7 down to a 2.

Since that session, my swallowing has much improved. I am not nearly as fearful of choking when I eat. We had a second Body Code session today and released two more stuck emotions from the same area and today’s dinner was comfortable! I can’t remember the last time I ate a meal without discomfort. I am astounded at the very big change that happened in such a short period of time. Thank you for this blessing!”

Alina P., Illinois, USA

“I had an intense soreness behind my left scapula for years, coming and going with varying levels of sharpness or dull aches. It felt like I was having heart distress. I had a Body Code™ session with a practitioner and he removed an energetic weapon that was lodged there. Since then I have not had that powerful ache again. That was two years ago.”

Vearle Avani, Abu Dhabi, UAE

“I was struggling to maintain a job after I graduated with a degree in mental health in 2014. I began to doubt my competency in my chosen career. In 2018, I was fired from my first official job after graduation. My boss would not give me new clients, and she would often ask me to do tasks and then get mad about how I completed the tasks. I was fired. 

“It was then that I called on an amazing Body Code™ Practitioner from Colorado who helped identify a broadcast message. The broadcast message she discovered stated, “Don’t trust me” which was in conflict with my past experiences where people called me trustworthy. I have never done anything untrustworthy in my job and did my best to meet the demands of the company and my boss.

“We cleared this broadcast message and replaced it with a new message: “Trust yourself.” I felt more at ease having a broadcast message that was in line with who I was, and would not push people away. Within three months I was able to find a job, and have not had a problem doubting my competence in my chosen career. I am so grateful for the Body Code and all those who practice it.”

April Madsen, Utah, USA

“I have seen so many positive changes in the people I have worked with, but I will share this one experience. A lady was in a long-term relationship with a narcissist. She was 62 years old and, after 12 years of being beaten down, she was desperately seeking something or someone to help her. She heard about the Emotion Code® and the Body Code from a mutual friend. She was skeptical but was willing to give it a try. Her friend had explained a little bit about energy work and I directed her to watch some of Dr. Brad’s videos on YouTube. In the interim, I did a proxy session for her. I found that she had many trapped emotions and negative energies related to her relationship. There were curses, negative entities, and cords. We cleared all of these imbalances, including her Heart-Wall. ♥️

After months of work and processing, I am happy to say that she is free! She has moved out, moved on, and now has a new happy life! She is looking forward to becoming a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner herself. The Emotion Code and the Body Code have changed her life! This is only one of the many miracles that I have seen with this amazing energy-healing modality.” 🙏🏻

Sheryl Sinico, Florida, USA

“I’ve been a physical therapist for 35 years. I’ve learned and worked with many energetic modalities such as Kinesiology, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Chakra Balancing, Aromatherapy, and many more. Nothing works so easily, quickly, and efficiently as the Emotion Code®️ and the Body Code™️. The best thing is that you can do it as a remote treatment. Since I became a Body Code practitioner my life has changed. I have more time for my family, I can travel a lot while working, and now in times of Covid-19, it is no problem for me and my business. On the contrary, my business grew! I am so grateful to Dr. Bradley Nelson and his team for bringing this wonderful modality to the world.

Heidi Rast, Österreich, Austria


The Emotion Code launched an energy healing revolution. Now, The Body Code builds on that foundation. Further your knowledge, expand your understanding, and change your life! Order your copy today, and enjoy the newest book from Dr. Bradley Nelson.