Here’s a bird’s-eye view of everything we have to offer as you walk the energy healer’s path with us.


This is the final video of an eight-part series from Discover Healing, introducing new readers to energy healing using The Emotion Code and The Body Code – two super powerful yet extremely simple tools that may help you to locate and release Trapped Emotions and other energy imbalances throughout the body. These tools could help you feel better emotionally and physically — all on your own.

If you have questions about the things you’re learning in these videos, you can chat with a certified Emotion Code or Body Code practitioner today with our live chat feature.



At Discover Healing, we envision a joyful world where the discovery of inspired truths about energy healing are available to all – including you.

If you already know that this is something you really want to do, we recommend you begin by signing up for The Emotion Code Certification Program. This will help you learn The Emotion Code inside and out, so you can begin working with practice clients, gaining confidence while you receive guidance from our staff along the way.

Most of our students take an average of three months to complete the program, but you have up to six months to fulfill all the requirements. Once you become a certified practitioner, you may begin charging a fee for Emotion Code sessions that you do.

Certification Is the Best Way to Master The Emotion Code

Emotion Code certification is a prerequisite for Body Code certification. If you’re mainly interested in having the Body Code’s answers at your fingertips right away, and want to learn to use it, you can subscribe to The Discover Healing App and begin using it within minutes.

Later on, you can always complete the Emotion Code certification program, then move on to the Body Code certification program if you decide you want to use The Body Code to help clients. Many have been led to totally change their career paths because they love helping people so much.

If you’re not sure about becoming an energy healing practitioner and want to try working with one first, you can visit our Find a Practitioner Map. There, you can find a certified Emotion Code or Body Code practitioner to work with based on your needs. Remember that this work can be done at a distance, so location is not an issue.

If you’re still not sure and just want to get your feet wet first, you can sign up for one of our free courses on Muscle Testing, The Heart-Wall, and other topics.

There is no wrong decision. We just want you to do what feels right to you.

Dr. Nelson Invites You to Join the Movement with Us!

Learn to take better care of yourself and your loved ones by exploring more deeply the world of energy healing.


Educational Resources for Continued Learning

The practice of energy healing or energy work may be new to you. If so, we invite you to continue your journey by learning how this time -rusted health modality works.

All Things Are Energy

Energy work has been performed for centuries across multiple cultures and continents. This widely accepted form of holistic healing is just as effective today as it was when the ancient masters practiced it hundreds of years ago. To truly appreciate the potential of energy healing, this resource delves further into the history and theories behind energy work.

Read “All Things Are Energy” from Discover Healing

Find a Practitioner

You can experience energy healing with The Emotion Code and Body Code tools. See for yourself the effects of these holistic health tools when you work with a certified Emotion Code or Body Code practitioner. We provide a map of TEC and TBC practitioners for your convenience. Remember that this work can be done from a distance, so you can work with practitioners all over the world.

View The Discover Healing Practitioner Map

Learn More About the Certification Process

The first step to certification is enrolling in The Emotion Code® certification program. Once that is completed, you may register for The Body Code™ certification program. To learn more about The Emotion Code and The Body Code certification process, view the resource below. You’ll learn more about time requirements, steps to certification, and the benefits of becoming a certified practitioner.

View Certification Information

Download the Discover Healing App

You can see The Emotion Code and The Body Code tools for yourself by downloading the Discover Healing App. Use our free 7-day trial to experience the full set of energy healing tools created by Dr. Nelson. Access to The Emotion Code tools are always free. The Body Code tools are accessible with a monthly subscription once you’ve used our free 7 day trial.

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See Dr. Brad Live

Dr. Brad teaches all over the world throughout the year. There is always an upcoming opportunity to hear him live, and we encourage users of The Emotion Code and The Body Code to take advantage of these opportunities. Not only do you get to learn from Dr. Brad, creator of The Body Code and author of The Emotion Code, you get to immerse yourself with hands-on experience while being surrounded by like-minded energy healers. These events are incredibly empowering, and those who attend can leave feeling more confident in their understanding of energy work, and more comfortable practicing on themselves and others.

View Dr. Brad’s Events Schedule

Watch Previously Recorded Webinars

Browsing through our collection of videos gives you the opportunity to learn more about energy healing, The Emotion Code, and The Body Code. These tools are simple, yet powerful. Videos from Discover Healing will help you to become more familiar with the possibilities these tools provide, as well as more confident in using them on yourself or your loved ones.

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Discover The Emotion Code: Energy Healing 101

Watch an Intro Video

Watch this 55-minute video, Discover The Emotion Code: Energy Healing 101 to learn how The Emotion Code can help you alleviate symptoms of discomfort by releasing Trapped Emotions.

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