Sometimes we all need a little encouragement as we heal. You may be well within your healing journey, you may be struggling for answers about your health or you may be feeling like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I want you to know truths about how our bodies heal. I want these truths to be useful to you as you continue on with healing. It can be hard, sometimes downright discouraging when you’re sick. With this post I want you to know TRUTHS of healing. Please share these with others you know who are sick and looking for encouragement themselves.

1. Our bodies were meant for LIFE, FREEDOM and ABUNDANCE in our health.
We were not meant to be sick and struggling. God can and will use your sickness to tell a story and to bring invaluable lessons in your life. I know that for my own sickness, it lead me to purpose. It lead me into being a healer. But I do believe that we weren’t meant to be sick, I am now living in Life! And life abundantly!

2. Our bodies are designed by a loving God and are extremely intricate and powerful.
The more we can learn about our bodies the more we know how to build health into them. Remind yourself daily that our bodies were created magnificently!

3. In order to get well, you need to commit to healing in your life and make it a priority to get better.
Study our bodies and how they heal, learn about them, apply what you’ve learned and DO what you’ve learned. Often times we need help when we are struggling with our health we need to bring in a practitioner or a health coach. If you need coaching, need direction or need a plan, please contact me. I have a Health Coaching page and you can schedule a time to discuss with me.

4. We can’t treat the symptoms of our bodies, we need to find the cause!
Our bodies can express many symptoms. And we can follow those symptoms around and around. Let’s find a cause. If you can find the cause then you can fix the symptoms and get your life back!

5. Don’t own any diagnosis!
Our medical system is all about a diagnosis. You are expressing symptoms or a group of symptoms. They may look like a disease or a condition, but they are only symptoms. Your brain needs to believe you are healing. Our brains can not claim, believe or own a diagnosis. What we think our heart, brain and even down to how our neurons fire believe that. There is no hope in a diagnosis. We want healing, therefore we choose hope.

6. What we eat and what we put in our bodies affect the genetic expression of our cells.
If you feed your body healthy foods (The Cellular Healing Diet) and use good quality supplements to nourish your body, you will express health within the DNA / RNA of your cells. If you choose to eat unhealthy and processed foods and put chemicals in your body, you are expressing those chemicals. It may be in the form of symptoms or toxins. We really are what we eat. Choose wisely and choose healthy!

7. Be the 3% who choose healing!
They say that 3% of people will truly commit to healing their bodies. The other 97% are dabblers. Choose to be the 3%. Seek truth and seek an alternative way of healing. Don’t just believe what the medical system is telling you or has told you in the past.

8. Our bodies express the right symptom at the right time for the condition your body is in right now.
Does that make sense? This is a very important one to understand. Our bodies are magnificently created. They choose to express a symptom at the right time, in the right place because of what is going on internally in the body. Your body is trying to tell you something. Once you change the internal conditions, you will change the symptoms expressed. Our bodies don’t make mistakes!

9. If you get your cells well, you will get your health back.
This healing is a cellular issue. The health of our cells, all 10 trillion of them, determine how we feel and how we express health. Reducing cellular inflammation is key in healing the cells. The three things that cause cellular inflammation are bad fats, sugars and toxins. Removing those sources heal the cell membranes and allow our hormones to work like they were designed to!

10. Healing our bodies is a true journey.
I have learned this in my own healing. I call it a healing journey. Because it is a path that has ups and downs, highs and lows, and many lessons and nuggets of truth throughout the way. There are so many things I have learned because of not feeling well that I know I wouldn’t have learned in any different way. But now I am on the other side of it. I am still healing, but rising above it. The journey will still have a few bumps but the choice I have made is to follow the narrow road. I know it leads to health. It’s God’s road for me.

11. God along brings healing. In HIS timing and in HIS way. Go to Him often and ask for healing.
O LORD my God, I called to you for help and you healed me. Psalm 30:2

I want you to know that I pray for the healing journey of each and every person who reads this blog. That’s YOU! I also pray for your learning and for your heart to change towards a lifestyle of building health.

Thanks for reading… and ENJOY!

– author: Meghan Birt, Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner