To Wheat or Not to Wheat?

In this article I want to tell you why, in my opinion after doing loads of research, I don’t think that wheat or gluten is healthy for anybody. Now, going gluten free doesn’t mean run to the grocery store and buy every boxed or packaged gluten free product out there. I believe that many of those aren’t much healthier than their wheat counterpart. New research is saying that 1 in 3 or about 40% of our population could be gluten sensitive or intolerant. To be honest, all grains will cause a rise in blood sugar.

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Is Your Food Life Giving?

Now, let's think about the future of our beautiful planet; because if we keep using pesticides and creating GMO products, instead of natural products, then our dear mother earth will be entirely poisoned and what kind of future will our kids have? Or even us? Are you thinking yet? Please do.

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