When we mention the heart there are so many things that come to mind; the physical heart, the emotional heart, and not to mention all the emotions that can be felt with the heart.
In this article we focus on the development of the physical heart, as it is important to be aware of this information.

The beginnings of the heart start in the womb; it is the first organ to form in a growing fetus. The heart is needed to pump the blood around the tiny fetal body, allowing different parts of the body to be “fed” and grow. What is not common knowledge is that the heart forms first for other reasons besides just the physical aspects.

As the heart pumps, it puts out an electromagnetic field, full of information that radiates out to all cells of the body. This field continues out from the body into its field, or environment. Why would this be important? Because it is this “heart field” which informs the cells where to go and exactly what to form into in the fetus. It is the field of information that is resonating with creation.

Quantum physics has shown that there is a field, or energy, controlling the biological systems other than (or in addition to) the biochemical and physical systems. The heart has been called the first brain and now there is a field of neurocardiology that has started studying this specifically.

Here’s a video talking about the heart and shares how it sends out this information, called The Heart Field:

Now that we have the science behind it, how is this relevant to The Emotion Code and The Body Code?

The heart field of the fetus is interacting with the heart field of the mother and the heart fields of the individuals the mother comes in contact with. If there are trapped emotions in the mother’s body or the baby’s body, or if there is a Heart-Wall, this can impact the fields and then be reflected back to the rest of the cells in the fetus. This can impact how the cells form in the fetus.

This is where epigenetics comes in (epigenetics is a field of study that says it isn’t genes that influence our biology, but the environment). This is another topic in and of itself, and I will refer you to this video for more information:

The heart field is picking up information that is congruent with either growth or survival. This impacts the way in which the genes are read.

When a child is born and grows into an adult, the heart remains the important focus. The heart field is impacted by the same factors and can influence our biology.

Releasing the trapped emotions from the body and the Heart-Wall helps to “clear” the channel through which the information is received and shared with the heart field. For example, if there are emotions of grief or guilt around the heart, the frequency of the heart field will be “colored” by these emotions and be reflected back to the individual either on a physical level or on an emotional level, and often both.

From the beginning. the fetus to the adult the heart plays a huge role. It is connected to our health and well-being; from having healthy relationships with ourselves and our cells, to our relationships with loved ones and the environment that surrounds us. By releasing the Heart-Wall and other trapped emotions it is possible to come into your “heart field” energy.

More on the Heart-Wall here:

Charan Surdhar, certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner