article by Brigitte Emery, CECP/CBCP

My 25 years of DEPRESSION is GONE
My years of KNEE pain is GONE
My debilitating NECK pain is GONE
My chronic FATIGUE is GONE
My 10 year SKIN RASH is GONE
My intense ANGER is GONE
I feel a greater sense of PEACE in my life
I feel a greater ability to LOVE in my life
I can truly FORGIVE and let go of this lifetime of HURT
I was able to give up my SMOKING addiction
Finally I am attracting MONEY like never before

From these very evident physical symptoms clearing, to the more profound emotional shifts and changes, I have now seen, over the 4 years of my practice using The Emotion Code and The Body Code techniques, these kinds of testimonials daily! Matter of fact there is not one session that I have encountered where together my clients and I have not felt some kind of instance reaction and shift!

Is this work THE MIRACLE PILL!

From my perspective YES. This work is God’s gift to mankind in this time and Dr Nelson was chosen as the special individual to bring this to us.

From the most dramatic, profound to the more subtle changes and healings, the testimonials are the joyful evidence of how those who have worked with this, whether just one session or 10, are truly feeling the results!

My sessions are all phone or long distance, which in itself makes this work even more unique. When someone is simply connected over the phone and/or miles, or continents away and they feel the effects it does seem beyond our comprehension.
I have taken a special interest in ‘youth’ as I have seen such deep ‘Heart-Walls’ with them. How can they attract healthy, warm and loving relationships when they have such ‘Heart-Wall’ dysfunction? They cannot.

Many have been affected by home-life, issues such as divorce and separation, which is rampant today and absolutely creates a Heart-Wall in all the parties involved!

Just recently I have had a mother approach me to have both her children worked on and purchased my special ‘youth Heart-Wall’ package’. I worked on the two children remotely. Shortly after I had finished the first sessions, the mother emailed me asking if I had worked on her children during a certain time. I confirmed yes. She was amazed to report that during and shortly after this time there was a drastic change in the way her son particularly was behaving. He was joyful, teasing, laughing. This was especially significant because she did not know I had been working on the children, but could see the effects already around the very same time that I was working on them. After the 2nd session the young teen boy, who was “particularly sullen, depressed, and would not make eye contact with anyone, and who didn’t speak much”, had drastically changed. To the point that his grandmother commented how nice it was that her young grandson was now interactively communicating with her and looking into her eyes. This is the power of clearing the Heart-Wall!

A wife contacted me asking me to work on her husband, with his permission. He was particularly angry, difficult, moody, uncooperative, tired, stressed and not showing love in any way, to both the young children or herself. Within hours of me having worked on him (his Heart-Wall) remotely and without her knowledge of exactly when I would be working with him, she called and left me a voice message, which I have in fact saved. She said the sudden change in him was unbelievable! He was suddenly more loving, caring, attentive, interacting and playing with the children and caring towards her; all just from one moment to the next!

A client of mine whom I hadn’t worked with in a few months called and left a voice message to ask me to work on her in an emergency situation as she was having severe chest pains. By the time I picked up the message quite a few hours had transpired. I did however immediately work on her remotely, and without her knowing it at the time. About 1 hour later I received a text message from her asking me if I had worked on her, because the chest pains suddenly disappeared! I had worked on her ‘Heart-Wall’ which was also full of negatively vibrating emotions, blockages due to a painful separation and divorce situation.

And the testimonials are continuous!

Is it a MIRACLE PILL  – I say YES!

I believe we all need this ‘miracle work’ at some level. Experiencing even just one session can and does make a profound difference in so many lives.

It is a gift of healing from God in our time.

About Brigitte Emery

For the past 10 years, I have been working in the healing arts and study of:

​Body Code
Emotional Code
Lymphatic Drainage
Color Puncture Healing
Quantum Energy Healing
Dark Field Microscope Analysis​
Sanum Healing Remedies/Rubimed Emotional Remedies

My own life experience and search of self-healing and spiritual growth has drawn and introduced me to these powerful healing modalities. I use the knowledge and power of all these healing protocols. However due to the most optimum and powerful healings achieved and experienced by my clients through The Emotion Code and Body Code, this has become the focus of my work.