Today, I had a water leak in my house, and the events that occurred after it inspired me to write this article.

The Emotion Code is based on the fact that everything is energy, including our emotions, our organs, and tissues. If that is the case, then so are the buildings we live in energy, including objects too, like planes, cars and so on.

Yes, of course these objects can’t express emotions, or feel them (well we assume they can’t), but what if it is possible that they pick up the emotions of others around them?

If everything is energy, it is possible that energies can get transferred and trapped in other energies.

As the water began to leak, and it was found that the leak had happened from the bathroom above, I thought to myself about how water has been associated with emotions by Eastern philosophies, and thought what if this “symptom” was telling me something needed to be cleared?

Just as with the Emotion Code I connected with the house using muscle testing and then asked if there were any trapped emotions that needed to be cleared, and I got a yes. The emotions that came up were shock, guilt, overwhelm and worthless, all absorbed from the previous owner from a year ago, who had leukemia. She was diagnosed while living in this house, and then moved out to a bungalow. As I would when working with individuals, after identifying each emotion, I released them energetically.

When I moved in here a year ago, I had looked at the house then too, and asked if there were any trapped emotions then, and had released quite a few. This water leak felt like the house was getting my attention to release the other few emotions.

I had a handyman come out and repair the leak and the energy of house now feels “happy”.
If energetically those too can be cleared of trapped emotions, we can live in harmony with our surroundings on so many levels.

Just sharing my thoughts… 

Charan Surdhar