The Body Code can not only help you to find your ultimate health and success, but it can also be the ultimate career for you. We’ve asked Body Code Practitioner, Lucille Boettger, some questions about how The Body Code is working out for her and her clients. Please find more information about becoming Body Code certified by clicking here, and if you would like a session from Angela Hanna please scroll to the bottom of our interview to find her contact info.

How did your Emotion Code certification prepare you to become a Body Code Practitioner?
The Emotion Code certification allowed me to become comfortable and competent with muscle testing, and working by proxy in advance of working with The Body Code. It also gave me confidence in the method and my ability to work with clients both directly, in surrogate environments and by proxy. The work with animals was also very rewarding and clear indications of the amazing results that clearing emotions can have. Also, since so many of the imbalances that are discovered through The Body Code have an emotional energy component, it ensured proficiency with this very key and basic component of the larger Body Code system.

Do you feel the Body Code certification program prepared you to take clients?
Yes, I think it showed me step-by-step how to work with the manual and program, how to take notes, how to trust the answers I am getting and also simply how to navigate the program and to understand what each category of imbalances meant.

Do you have any TBC session stories of helping a client with their issue and could you outline the highlights of what you did to fix them, not everything you found, but the highlights?
A 5 year old child who was apprehended by Children’s services and put up for adoption had Sensory Processing Disorder which meant that she could not tolerate tight clothing or any rough textures, and so would only agree to wear clothes that were 1 to 2 sizes too big, and frequently needed to change because she could not tolerate wearing the same thing all day. She refused to wear socks, underwear and would complain that her clothes hurt all of the time. She was also diagnosed with ADHD. I released imbalances in her integumentary system, in her nervous system, in her brain and skull, and also released her Heart-Wall over a 2 month period. This little girl is now wearing any clothes that she wants, in the appropriate size – including pretty dresses with leotards and dress shoes – and says her clothes don’t hurt any more. She is no longer being medicated for ADHD, but most importantly, she has bonded incredibly well with her adoptive mother. The social worker responsible for her says that she has never seen such a smooth and short attachment process in her career of working with children being placed for adoption.

Do you notice any differences in yourself since becoming TBC certified?
I have noticed that I am much more sensitive to imbalances in my own energy, and I have more access to intuitive responses that guide me in identifying what needs to be cleared for my clients.

How about your clients, do you notice a difference in them in comparison to when you just use The Emotion Code?
The Body Code has been much more powerful than The Emotion Code in terms of its effectiveness and ability to produce clearly visible results – for example, the resolution of Plantar Fasciitis in a client by releasing inflammation energy and facial distortion, which is something that I could not have done with just The Emotion Code as a tool.

In your experience what does The Body Code do better than any other healing tool out there?
For me the advantage that The Body Code has compared to other healing modalities that I use is its precision in identifying what imbalances are contributing to the issue, and also the ease of use in terms of releasing what has been causing the problem. It is also very comprehensive in that it works with both energy-based imbalances (such as curses and saboteur energy) as well as physical imbalances (structure, nutrition, etc).

Have you learned more about energy healing and health in general since becoming Body Code certified?
Yes – in a specific way about acupuncture meridians, excesses, toxins and the types of disconnections that can exist as well as offensive and mental energy imbalances.
Would you encourage Emotion Code practitioners to learn The Body Code, and why?
Yes, I would encourage them to learn The Body Code because it gives them a much more comprehensive set of tools to work with and allows them to serve their clients in a much more complete way.

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