written by Annette Janover, CECP

Recently, life presented me with a wonderful metaphor for the practical use of The Emotion Code.

I was at the local shopping center with my partner. Upon returning to our car I inserted the key into the ignition … and … nothing, zilch, zero response!

Well, I don’t know about you but I have a thing about cars that don’t work. I called the mechanic who came out to meet us in town. He thought it may have been a fault with the battery, so he brought a new one with him.

When the car bonnet was up, he peered in at the battery, checked the connectors and found extensive corrosion on the terminals. Apparently, this had eaten away at the wiring and as a result, of course, the car could not get any power. The power supply was cut.

I stood by observing the mechanic at work and thought about the situation. I realized here was a perfect metaphor for what happens to us, as individuals, when we don’t clear our terminals.

In a way, the car was reflecting my thinking. It seemed obvious. The terminals needed regular cleaning and attention so as to provide my vehicle with the power it needs, and to prevent this from happening again.

Transfer this to your life: if you don’t keep clearing out the old residual energies – in the form of negative Trapped Emotions which no longer serve you – then this clutter weakens your power. Slowly, slowly, you lose your force. It lies buried in the corrosive negative beliefs you hold onto, one on top of the other. Simply put,  it eats away at you often resulting in mental/physical/emotional discomfort and ultimately dis-ease in your body.

This stored data has the effect of filtering the power you express. So, what you’re able to create and give to your world is a watered-down version of the life of your dreams.

The releasing of trapped negative emotions is somewhat like the motor mechanic cleaning the system – removing the muck draining your power. As a result, just as the battery terminals needed cleansing to reactivate power, so are you making your way towards success in all areas of your life.

As you release old energies you become consciously aware of those formerly subconscious influences. Now this ‘new awareness’ provides you with greater clarity in the decisions you make and the choices you undertake. You are growing a new sense of yourself, you are becoming a conscious creator in your life and cultivating self-respect.

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