written by Annette Janover, CECP

How do you craft the sort of life you have dreamed about and how is it that others have been able to do this? Whether it is in a specific area of your life or simply that you would like to improve the general quality and feel a measure of fulfillment, I invite you to have a look at your life and question whether you have created what you want:

Have I achieved what I aimed for?
Does my life look like I imagined it?
Are my relationships successful?
Am I comfortable with who I am?
Does my career/work life reflect my passion?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then read on.

If everything is made up of energy then thought is energy too. Your thoughts have a certain vibration which is what you express into your world – somewhat like a signal. These thoughts you have are formed by your perceptions shaped by your beliefs about yourself, your abilities and your world. These beliefs, mostly subconscious, together with whatever the strongest emotions are within you will draw to you the experience that most truly represents these ideas or images. They are expressed in full color, wide screen reality in the movie which you call your life.

Every time you feel for example, the emotions of failure, fear, anger or guilt or you realize you have reacted in a particular way in certain situations, you are confronting the effects of your limiting beliefs buried away in the subconscious parts of yourself. Bear in mind that this is a subconscious mind which is in control and influencing the conscious you approximately 95% of your day. These effects are really what we would term emotional baggage as Dr. Brad Nelson, creator of The Emotion Code explains, “Emotional baggage consists of discrete energies that became trapped during emotional events experienced in your past”.

These beliefs you hold act like an energetic blueprint and fueled by your ’ trapped emotions’, keep generating life experience according to the pattern of the blueprint. Negative beliefs create the self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors preventing your success. In a way, you might look at these subconscious beliefs acting as the ‘engine drivers’ in your life. This dysfunctional belief/negative emotion union affects your choices, promotes destructive behaviors and creates unwanted situations.

The ‘trapped emotions’ glue the belief in place and the belief in turn, creates emotions that reinforce it – you might say the energies are vibrationally matched; therefore you get more evidence in your life to confirm your belief. The belief and the ‘trapped emotions’ mutually reinforce each other.

Therefore, in order to make profound change in your life and create the reality you want, you have to change your subconscious programming by converting these limiting beliefs into positive self-serving patterns, and releasing their accompanying ‘trapped emotions’.

Once you become aware of your negative beliefs playing out you can take control of the factors creating your life – you are now driving the car. Suddenly, with this new awareness you have a choice – continue to go down the familiar road, one so recognizable that you play your part within it without even thinking. Or, you might choose change and find yourself doing something completely different and you discover what the word ‘freedom’ really means. You are now able to design the landscape of your inner world and become a conscious architect of your life – an empowered deliberate creator.

“Your beliefs form your reality, your body and its condition, your personal relationships, your environment, and en masse your civilization and world,” Seth in The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts. There is great power at your fingertips and I urge you to use the authority of your subconscious mind via the conduit of The Emotion Code, to accelerate into success, prosperity and fulfillment.
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