Leading on from my last article, “Trapped emotions vs Absorbed Emotions”, I felt inspired to write an article on how emotions get trapped in the body.

E-motions, are energy in motion. Energy – let’s define that further, everything we see is solid, or appears solid, and yet when we go down to the atoms, sub-atomic particles, and further there is only space. Our bodies are included here, along with all our organs and glands, all come down to space.

Is this space empty? What is this space? Nassim Haramein, and other physicists have shown that actually this space is a field of pure potentiality, it is from here that creation happens, and is holographic and fractal in nature. This is what connects us with everything in the universe. Here is Nassim talking about this in this short video:

If every aspect of our body is this space on the holographic and fractal levels, then this means that when we are present in every moment, we are “connected” to this built-in intelligence which runs our bodies in perfect order. But if we are caught up in the past or future, or anything that takes us away from being present in the moment, we “move” away from this space of infinite possibilities.

What does this have to do with emotions?

Emotions are like waves that come and go, and to be able to experience them as part of a wave allows us to stay connected to this space of possibilities. But when we aren’t being present in the moment, it can result in the emotion being trapped somewhere in the body.

Of course this is my theory, and it may or may not be correct, but having been asked the question many times, and using this explanation has felt good to me. But scientifically, how does this work? To me it is like this, imagine ocean waves going in and out. The waves represent the emotions, being experienced and then leaving, and it is with this awareness from the space of possibilities, i.e. the wave is being observed in the present moment without judgement, just as it is, coming and going. But then if we bring our attention a pebble that is being pushed about by the waves, it feels more “attached” to the waves, i.e. emotions. It is a crude analogy, but the pebble is more likely to miss out on the “infinite possibilities” because it is so caught up in it’s comings and goings and missing out on the “whole” picture.

The same goes for life, if we can be the observer of the emotions, we are less likely to have the emotions get trapped in our bodies, but when we come from a place of survival and anticipation we move out of the growth phase into protection, and it is here that our immune system is compromised leading to other biological functions that take us away from health and well-being.

A while ago I created this short animated video based on a poem I wrote called “I did as a kid”, I feel it fits here, as it is about coming back to that space that children hold most often, from where possibilities are endless. Enjoy!

Here is my animated video about trapped emotions and heart walls, if you would like further information:


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