Arielle Ford, the genius behind Deepak Chopra’s fame, recently wrote a great article based on finding your soul mate with Dr. Bradley Nelson’s energy healing system, The Emotion Code.

Here’s an excerpt:

“My friend and healer, Dr. Bradley Nelson, is an internationally recognized expert in energy medicine and is the author of The Emotion Code. I’ve asked him to share with you today some very enlightening and important information about healing and unlocking your heart:

Ancient peoples believed that the heart was the seat of the soul and the source of love and romance. What if they were correct? Could your heart possibly be more than just a pump? Were the ancient ones right about this? And if they were, what might it have to do with your ability to find your soulmate?

New research has revealed that your heart is your most powerful organ, generating a magnetic field up to 12 feet in diameter that surrounds your body. It’s actually been proven in the laboratory that if you focus feelings of love and affection on another, your heartbeats will rapidly synchronize, and your heartbeat will become measurable in their brainwaves!”

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