With Halloween approaching there’s lots of spooky talk in the atmosphere. I’m more a fan of yummy pumpkin spice EVERYTHING and lots of candy than I am of the scary movies and creepy costumes.

Like lots of people, when I first started using The Body Code and found my first Offensive Energy, I was very concerned—frightened, even! Who wants to think that entities, scary ghosts and demons, are following you around? The first images that came to my mind were the ones that I saw in horror movies I saw when I was younger and felt very scared.

However, entities are nothing to be scared or frightened of. They are nothing like what you see on the scary movie posters at the theater or jumping out at you in haunted houses. Entities can only do harm to you if you allow them to have power over you. They resonate with misery and other low vibrations and we all know that misery loves company. If you are feeling low, just check to see if they are hanging around. Getting rid of an entity can be as quick as releasing any other imbalance. If you find yourself feeling unnerved, scared or insecure, all you need to do is offer a quick prayer to the Higher Power.

Now that I have had more experience using The Body Code, whenever I find an offensive energy, I identify it and clear it with no issue whatsoever. My fear is gone because I know that entities are like bothersome mosquitos. They are irritants that exert their influence to make me uncomfortable and unhappy but when I discover them, I can swat them away!

There is light and there is darkness in this world. We are beings of positive, light, high-vibrational energy. Think of how a flashlight or candle can dispel darkness—so can we!

~ Lynn Phillips, HealersLibrary Staff

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