by Rikke Wriedt Klüver-Kristensen

As a full-time energy healing practitioner with a solid grounding in the Body Code, I’ve cleared a lot of Heart-Walls, sometimes with a significant or even transformative effect on my clients…but not always. For some individuals there seems to be very little or even no change experienced after the clearing of the energetic wall around their heart.

In my own case, I have had every imaginable type of Heart-Wall cleared: hidden, deeply buried, and even stealth. Each clearing definitely had a positive effect, but over time I kept reverting to a sense that there was still something wrong in the area of my heart. I felt a block in my chest that would sometimes feel like a constriction, sometimes like a “deadness,” and I couldn’t find an explanation.

“The heart has a highly complex energetic structure and…damage can occur on many levels.”

Curious as I am, this led me to start investigating the human heart further. I discovered that the heart has a highly complex energetic structure and that damage can occur on many levels apart from the very common creation of a Heart-Wall.

Apart from healing the physical heart and its energetic blueprint, another option could be looking into the Heart Chakra. Often there will be energies like trapped emotions lodged in the Heart Chakra and this affects the overall well-being and functioning of the heart on all levels.

The same is true for an even deeper energy center in the body called the middle dan tian (or dan tien / tan then). This energy center will be familiar to those who perform qigong. It’s one of three deep energy centers in the body- the lower, the middle and the upper dan tian.

The dan tians are by some said to be older energetic structures than the chakras and they underlie and support the seven major chakras in the body, as well as our energy field. The middle dan tian is responsible for emotions, the lower for vitality, and the upper for wisdom. The more closed the middle dan tian is, the lower a vibration we will hold emotionally. As it opens we flow into an emotional experience of higher vibration.

Generally, the Heart Chakra and the middle dan tian need to be healed separately as they may be imbalanced in different ways, although they are interconnected. They may be collapsed, fragmented or frozen, to name a few options. Just like you cannot identify a hidden Heart-Wall without using those exact words, sometimes you need to ask specifically about these conditions to address them. All of the mentioned states seem to originate as a response to a trauma or overwhelm from which the body has been unable to release and recover.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that many people will have energy fields of one or more energy centers that have been damaged in some way. Typically there’s some level of disconnection internally in the field. The field may be weak or there could be an energetic barrier surrounding the energy field. More often than not, I’ve found energetic barriers to consist of some kind of entity but it seems that they do not show up as an ordinary attachment, rather only through the identification of the barrier.

“What really made a difference to me was discovering the spiritual heart.”

After a lot of healing of both my physical heart, the Heart Chakra and middle dan tian, I still felt a subtle blockage in that area. What was going on? I was honestly starting to feel somewhat frustrated…

What really made a difference to me was discovering the spiritual heart. The spiritual heart is an energy center deep within the heart area. In esoteric literature it is sometimes referred to as ‘the secret chamber of the heart.’ It’s the place where we connect most deeply with our spirit. This energy center protects a tiny energetic flame called “the threefold flame” also known as “the flame of the Christ” that burns unendingly with the divine attributes of Wisdom, Power and Love.

When the flame is burning strongly, as is the case when we feel a deep sense of connection, purpose, devotion or love, we can feel the energy flowing to and through it as a burning sensation in our chest. It wasn’t until I started healing my spiritual heart that the subtle feeling of blockage around my heart fell away and I finally felt that my heart was truly open.

I’ve since had this energy center come up again and again for healing, in sessions with children and adults alike. The most common imbalance seems to be that it has been shattered. Often what shatters it turns out to be experiences where the client perceived himself or herself to be abandoned or rejected by God/Spirit/Life.

If you or some of your clients have had your Heart-Wall released but still find yourself feeling some degree of blockage in the area of your heart, I really encourage you to explore the above options. In my experience, the heart is the most important part of our body to heal on all levels if you really wish to live a life of deep fulfillment and happiness.

Rikke Wriedt Klüver-Kristensen is an energy healer whose work is strongly founded in the principles of The Body Code, but she integrates many different approaches into the healing sessions she performs. She specializes in the healing of children and families, and in working with individuals who feel completely blocked. Connect with her on Facebook and Instagram, or visit her website