Emotional healing used to conjures up images of visits to a therapist or a psychotherapist and discussing all emotional aspects of your life, in the hope that you would be free of your internal pains.

Sound familiar?

Therapists and psychotherapists can be very important in helping people move forward in their lives. They can help us to find love, acceptance and trust, leading to a healing process.

But I would like to bring in a different perspective. There is so much information about the Law of Attraction in our world, none more popular than the movie The Secret, which has helped bring this knowledge to many throughout the world. Even if you don’t resonate with the term “Law Of Attraction” the principle behind the name remains the same.

That is: Like attracts Like.

Simple and profound isn’t it?

So what does this have to do with emotional healing? We are energy, even our body, our organs, everything including our DNA comes down to electrons and protons spinning around space. So everything is energy.

Energy, and emotions? If our body is energy, so are our thoughts, and our emotions. Part of being human is that we experience a huge range of emotions, and I know all of you will agree with that. Emotions, are energy too, and can get trapped in “our” energy body. So if you think of yourself as being pure energy, and the emotions you experience as being energy too, when we experience these emotions, they can get “trapped” in our energy. This can be anywhere in the body, and ultimately it can disrupt the natural flow in our body. We can experience this as some form of dis-ease, or it could be we feel things just aren’t going right for us in some way. Really it can be experienced in many ways. The main thing to know is that it just feels like we aren’t in the flow of things, whether in our body or outside our body, with regards to relationships and so on.

How does Emotional Healing, Energy, and Law of Attraction have anything to do with each other?

If we have trapped emotions in our energy, then we may attract situations in our life that resonate with this energy. As I said “Like attracts Like”.

But what if we were able to release these “trapped” emotions, and be in our “natural” flow state? Would we then allow our natural flow to show up in our lives too? This is possible, and this is where Emotional Healing comes in. If we release these trapped emotions, our life flows better internally and externally.

By using the Emotion Code, it is possible to identify these trapped emotions, and release them.

What does this mean for you?

Well, if we can release these trapped emotions we are able to then bring into our life more ease and flow. If we feel this flow internally, we will experience it externally too. So maybe it doesn’t take years of therapy to come to this place of being at ease and flow, it can be easier.

Healing is recognizing your own true nature, and the process to get there can bring us so many beautiful lessons. In the end, healing happens in a space of love, acceptance and trust.

I wanted to share a testimonial from a client I recently worked with who had a lump in her breast, and in one session she went from feeling the lump to the lump not being there at all.
(She wished to remain anonymous, but agreed for it to be shared).

“I’m so thankful for Charan and her work and really can’t recommend her highly enough! I had some therapy with Charan recently after finding a lump in my breast, I’d had some discomfort and pain for a while and something didn’t quite feel right. After a few weeks I finally went to see my doctor who confirmed there was indeed a lump and referred me to a specialist on an emergency basis. While waiting for the appointment I decided to do some work with Charan as I’m a strong believer in the benefits of energy therapies and really wasn’t looking forward to going to the hospital! During the session Charan released several trapped emotions and psychic traumas many of which were related to a surgery I’d had around 10 years earlier to have breast implants! The surgery was very traumatic and I went into shock afterwards but had no idea it would be in any way related to the pain I was currently experiencing! At the end of the session Charan asked how the pain in my breast now felt and I was absolutely amazed to find it had gone along with any sign of the lump! I was absolutely elated and so relieved! I went to my appointment with the specialist anyway just to be absolutely sure and was so happy when the surgeon said he couldn’t feel any lump at all and I had an ultrasound scan and a mammogram both of which were completely clear! I’m so appreciative of the work Charan did with me and I continue to work with her on a regular basis for other issues I want to clear in my life.” KLL

Here’s to you and your journey of healing, thank you for allowing yourself to feel my words with your heart.

written by – Charan Surdhar