Written by Charan Surdhar

It is fascinating how many belief systems we have on a collective level. Going into why we have these belief systems isn’t the point of my article, but rather I want to show how we can bring awareness to these beliefs and change them. 

The mouth is one of those areas where we hold the belief that the jaw bone can never grow back. This baffles me, because we know that if you break a bone in another part of your body, it somehow can regenerate itself, so why wouldn’t the bones in your mouth?

Recently I had a client who brought this new belief into her awareness, despite what the dentist had said to her, and she now has no need for serious intervention. She writes:

“I was told by my dentist a year and a half ago that because of a bad root canal, bacteria had eaten a hole in the jaw beneath the root. A specialist cleaned out the root and put in a temporary filling, and I have been back for x-rays every six months to see if the hole was healing.

Six months ago there was no improvement. The dentist started talking about a possible operation to scrape out the bacteria in the bone, which would have a high risk of damaging my facial nerves and leaving me numb in the lips. She also recommended extracting the tooth before the operation. I was also told there was absolutely nothing I could do myself to help the healing – which was frightening to hear.

I didn’t accept what the dentist told me and booked a session with Charan, knowing anything is possible. We had two Skype sessions six months ago. Last week I went for a check-up and, to my immense joy and relief, the x-rays showed great improvement! Just a tiny shadow of the hole is visible now and the healing has happened since our session. I now have lots of hope, and trust this will heal completely. No need for risky operations or having my tooth removed! Thank you for the healing and hope, dear Charan. I can’t even express my gratitude! Bless you!”

In healing sessions, it is possible to release the energy that caused the issue in the first place. Energy from a particular trauma can be held in the body, which can create issues. The body is a magnificent thing, and it tells us when there is something that is no longer needed. By identifying it and releasing it, we can then allow the body to  correct itself. These energies can come in many forms like trapped energies and belief systems. In this case, where it was thought the bone couldn’t grow back, it did. This shows the power of the human body, mind and spirit.

There are so many things we “believe” as our reality that apparently can’t be changed. It is important to know that it is our belief that gets in the way of the change. This woman could have believed the dentist, that nothing else was possible, but she “knew” in her heart that wasn’t the case. Having cleared the energies, she allowed the bone to grow back.

Bodies are amazing! We just have to believe that they are. We also must believe that we aren’t victims to our bodies, but can move into healing by following the signals and messages our bodies give us.

Here is an animated video explaining The Body Code system:

Here is a meditation I created to help you rejuvenate your DNA:

Charan Surdhar,