Is it really possible that you could be free from chronic pain this year? Free, not only from your physical pain, but free from the pain of your broken heart, or broken dreams? It may not be possible to avoid pain initially when trauma occurs, but there are certainly natural means to get pain to leave you after those traumatic events take place. There are simple ways to get physical and emotional pain to leave your body, mind and heart, permanently.

The most effective way to get rid of painful aspects of your life is by dealing with the true, underlying cause of the pain. It’s a logical process to look for a solution to pain this way.  When your foot hurts and you find an offending pebble in your shoe, you remove it. Your foot may still hurt for a minute from the trauma of stepping on that rock, but it is now free to heal. Often the cause of pain is more hidden than that. It may be hard to connect to its real cause, especially if that cause is emotionally-based. During the years that we had our holistic chiropractic practice, we learned a lot about pain. We learned what the underlying causes of pain really are, and what we found was astonishing. Using energy testing, we discovered that “emotional baggage” is at the root of over 80% of the physical and emotional pain that we experience.

When you think of pain, you generally think of what happened that caused it… the hammer that hit your thumb, the car accident that left you with whiplash, the death of your parent, the day that you were fired from your job, or the broken relationship that tore your heart to pieces. Intense emotions that you experience from traumatic events such as these can leave you hurting in more ways than one. The energy of the emotions that you experience during and after these events can become “trapped” in your body’s energy field. We call these discrete energies “trapped emotions.”

You’ve probably heard the term, “Energy Medicine.” You may have even heard important and influential thinkers and physicians make claims about Energy Medicine being the medicine of the future. They are absolutely right! The good news is that now you can easily take advantage of the advancements that have been made over the last decade in Energy Medicine, to change your own life for the better. By learning some simple methods of energy healing, you can test and release blocked and trapped energies in your body, to assist, heal, and alleviate your pain. The results from applying these simple tools can be life-changing and are often dramatic.

Let’s look at the premise of Energy Medicine. If you were to greatly magnify any part of your body under a microscope, so that you were no longer even seeing it’s cells, but were seeing beyond the cells and beyond the atom, you would find that the body is made of nothing but pure energy. This is what Quantum Physics is all about and what Energy Medicine is based upon. Although we perceive our bodies to be solid and substantial, it is a bit of an illusion, because our bodies are really 99.99999999% empty space!

Life can be a pretty emotional experience at times. Emotionally charged and stressful events that happen on a daily basis affect your energy body, and can leave you with trapped emotions, just like the bigger events of your life do. Things like… the fight that you had with your teenager, not having enough money for your bills, flunking a class that you needed to graduate, forgetting to pick up your child from school, or losing sleep when someone close to you was sick or injured. Life is full of times like these. Though seemingly insignificant and soon forgotten compared to the huge traumatic problems we sometimes deal with, pain can result from these lesser dramas in life, too. Whether the experiences are major or minor, trapped emotions can leave you in pain, even chronic pain.

Trapped emotions are the energies that remain behind after an emotional event. They distort the normal energy field of the body, and since the body is only energy, this distortion often results in. The good news is that you can identify those specific emotions and release them from your body’s energy field. You can retrieve them from the archives of your subconscious mind by learning some simple methods. You can release the trapped emotions and get yourself out of pain. The end result is lasting and permanent!

The energy that is you, may still be dealing with the aftermath of some of your life’s events, large and small. Major painful events, the ones that caused you immediate throbbing and undeniable pain, are the easiest to remember and to connect to their cause. But when pain persists beyond the normal time of healing, figuring out what to do can be baffling. When an event happened so long ago that you should have healed by now, yet you are still hurting emotionally or physically, you may be wondering why. There may be several reasons, but the one that is usually underestimated is the presence of trapped emotions.

Back Pain, Headache, Arthritis, Abdominal Pain, Chest Pain, and Depression. All of these conditions and many more have been improved by simply releasing trapped emotions. Even when physical trauma appears to have been the only cause, trapped emotions are often discovered. When they are released, the pain dissipates. It seems miraculous and still amazes even me. Though there are many reasons for pain in the body, trapped emotional energy is the one that is like the proverbial elephant in the living room, unrecognized and overlooked. It is more often than not, a big reason for pain.

If you are dealing with pain, whether it is physical or emotional, it’s probably time to take a serious look at getting rid of your own emotional baggage, those discrete energies that are inhabiting your body, disrupting the normal flow of energy and interfering with the normal function of your body. It’s true that energy medicine is effective. For many people clearing their trapped emotions has absolutely changed their life! Imagine getting pain-free by the end of 2013. Getting rid of your trapped emotions, the baggage from your past, may just be the key!