Let’s face it, religion can be quite the awkward topic when there are differences in belief systems.
We recently received the question: Do you have to be religious to practice The Emotion Code and The Body Code? More specifically, do you have to be Christian? We get this kind of question a lot, so let’s talk about it!

Simply put, The Emotion Code and The Body Code are accessible to people belonging to any or no religious belief system. We respect the various religious beliefs of our practitioners, students and clients. Dr. Nelson teaches that it is very important to ask for help from your higher power at the beginning of a session, because it helps improve your intuition and your results so much. Your higher power is just that – your higher power. People of a Christian background will pray to God and/or Jesus, people of Muslim faith will pray to Allah, people with no religious ideals may choose to acknowledge the higher power of the universe, and so on for every faith or belief system out there. For each of you, it will be different, and should not affect your use of The Body Code and The Emotion Code or your results with either.

We believe that it is important to work within a client’s belief system. This is one reason why we recommend having a moment of silence at the beginning of a session- because it is important to honor your own belief system as well as your client’s. Having your prayer or meditation in silence allows you and your client to each prepare for the session in your own way without religious beliefs becoming involved.

Praying to God in the name of Jesus Christ is mentioned in The Emotion Code and The Body Code because that is what we have had success in doing. You don’t have to pray how we pray; we only give an example of what has worked for us, as so many people have asked for Dr. Nelson’s guidance on the subject.

The Body Code and The Emotion Code were discovered and created by a man of Christian faith, so some of the material may reflect that. But we have tried to offer other options and interpretations for those who are not Christian, as we obviously know that many of you would prefer something different.

These healing systems have been created so that all the children of the world can be helped by them, no matter what they believe!