Have you ever had situations where you “work” on a situation and keep uncovering layers but the “symptoms” are still there? Perhaps a pain won’t go away, or your can’t seem to lose weight. It could literally be anything.

Our subconscious makes up 93% of our consciousness. So what’s in there? Information to keep our bodies functioning, and information that we have picked up along the way in our lives. Like the fact that touching a hot stove can really hurt. But we also pick up beliefs and perceptions from our environment as a result of what we experience. An example of this could be the time you heard someone say “It’s hard to lose weight”, or you have a hard experience losing weight, and so it becomes part of you on a subconscious level.

We may not be aware of these beliefs and perceptions in our subconscious. So when you try to lose weight  you find it hard to do so. You may try different diets, affirmations and so on, but this tape of “It’s hard to lose weight” continues to dominate without you knowing.

So what do you do, and how do we work around this?

With muscle testing it is possible to connect with the subconscious mind, which is how we release trapped emotions. What if the first question we could ask the subconscious is “Does the subconscious feel safe letting go of the weight?”. It would be interesting to know if it was a “no”, right? Because then it is possible to actually ask the subconscious “What is getting in the way of my subconscious feeling safe?”.

If your subconscious feels safe holding onto an issue, then it won’t let that issue go.

To start the process here are a few questions you could ask your subconscious:

  • Does my subconscious feel SAFE letting go of this issue?
  • Does my subconscious feel WORTHY/DESERVING  to let this issue go?
  • Does my subconscious believe healing is POSSIBLE?

If the answer is “no” to any of these questions then it is possible to ask what imbalances are causing the “no” answer, and releasing them will allow for healing of the issue to come from a deeper and more “permanent” place.

Thanks for reading and receiving with your heart!

Charan Surdhar