In a recently BBC published article, scientists from Emory University School of Medicine and University College London have found that, “Behaviour can be affected by events in previous generations which have been passed on through a form of genetic memory, animal studies suggest.”

Sounds like these people have a case of Inherited Trapped emotions, “The experiences of a parent, even before conceiving, markedly influence both structure and function in the nervous system of subsequent generations,” the report concluded.”

The findings provide evidence of “transgenerational epigenetic inheritance” – that the environment can affect an individual’s genetics, which can in turn be passed on.”‘

“One of the researchers Dr Brian Dias told the BBC: “This might be one mechanism that descendants show imprints of their ancestor.”

“There is absolutely no doubt that what happens to the sperm and egg will affect subsequent generations.”

This next statement is really spot on with what Dr Brad teaches with The Emotion Code, “Prof Marcus Pembrey, from University College London, said the findings were “highly relevant to phobias, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorders” and provided “compelling evidence” that a form of memory could be passed between generations.”

Professor Pembrey then goes on to say, “I suspect we will not understand the rise in neuropsychiatric disorders or obesity, diabetes and metabolic disruptions generally without taking a multigenerational approach.” I think it’s time for Professor Pembrey and his team to discover The Emotion Code and The Body Code.

If you are interested you can read the entire BBC article here.