With the launch of Dr Bradley Nelson’s Body Code 2.0 in the very near future we are asking Body Code Practitioners about their experience with The Body Code, how it has helped them and their clients, and also about their experience with TBC certification program. This week, practitioner Shoshana Michel, has been kind enough to answer our questions. Please feel free to contact Shoshana for any questions you may have and to schedule a Body Code appointment with her.

Do you have any Body Code session stories of helping a client with their issue and could you outline the highlights of what you did to balance them, not everything you found, but the highlights?
One of my clients, who had just had a baby recently, asked me to do a session for her new baby. The baby wasn’t acting like a normal newborn and the mother was very concerned. I released structural imbalances, cleared an intolerance to the mother’s milk and cleared trapped emotions that the baby had picked up from her mother when she was in the womb. Two days later the mother told me that her baby was amazingly acting like a regular newborn and she now was pretty peaceful. I also did a session for the mother, releasing emotions that were trapped during her pregnancy and cleared post-traumatic inflammation, physical trauma, structural imbalances and mental energies that she experienced during labor. I feel that it’s so important to use The Body Code on both a mother and her newborn to release any physical and/or emotional trauma that may occur during the pregnancy, labor and even in adjusting to motherhood and new life.

Do you notice any differences in yourself since becoming Body Code certified?
I feel more confident in myself in being able to help people to heal and feel blessed that I can help a person achieve optimal wellness and a happier life.

How about your clients, do you notice a difference in them in comparison to when you just use The Emotion Code?
I do see an amazing difference since I was just using The Emotion Code. There is no comparison. The Body Code covers so much more than just using The Emotion Code. Although The Emotion Code is an invaluable tool in helping people to heal and live a happier and healthier life, it is limited. The Body Code goes so much farther and covers so much more. In using the Body Code I have been able to help my clients so much more than when I was only using The Emotion Code in my practice.

In your experience what does The Body Code do better than any other healing tool out there?
What The Body Code does better than other healing tools is that it treats the body as a whole, as it should be. I’m not aware of any other healing method out there that covers emotional, structural, nutritional, pathogen, circuitry and toxicity imbalances all in one method. Plus The Body Code is very simple to learn and to use.

Have you learned more about energy healing and health in general since becoming Body Code certified? 
Yes, I have. I do feel that I have a broader knowledge in both areas.


Would you encourage The Emotion Code practitioners to learn The Body Code, and why? 
I would definitely recommend and encourage The Emotion Code practitioners to learn and practice The Body Code. The Emotion Code truly is an invaluable tool to use, however, it is limited. A practitioner can go so much farther and help their clients so much more using by The Body Code since it covers six underlying causes of imbalances in a body rather than just removing Trapped Emotions.

Shoshana Michel, Certified Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner

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