written by Don Whittaker, D.C., CECP

I love incorporating both The Emotion Code and The Body Code into my practice. They work very well together. Of course, The Emotion Code is a part of The Body Code, but they’re applied somewhat separately the way that I use them.

One of the possible findings from The Body Code is “spirit out of body”, which is under Circuits & Systems/Disconnections. In my practice, this is not a rare finding. Dr. Nelson defines it as a state where “the spirit body becomes dislodged so it is residing partially outside the physical body”. Of course, if the spirit is completely outside of the body and is no longer connected to the physical body, we call that death. However, it can be somewhat outside of the physical body, which is detrimental to the physical and emotional state of the person. It’s generally caused by physical trauma or extreme emotional stress.

Sometimes when there is spirit out of body, the person will feel somewhat disconnected or “discombobulated”. They will be more weak, tired and susceptible to illness. Think about it. If death is the complete disconnection of the spirit from the physical body, then spirit out of body is one step toward death. It does NOT mean the person is dying or will soon die. What it does mean is that they are less alive than they could be otherwise.

From a practitioner standpoint, I have found that this can be an important condition to look for. I have found that spirit out of body can really throw off the testing. Sometimes it will result in findings that are all over the place and don’t really make any sense. Other times, it will result in no findings. The testing may indicate that the person has no trapped emotions anywhere, even though you’ve taken proper steps to avoid testing weaknesses (dehydration, neck out of alignment, etc.). If you’re testing someone and what you’re getting makes no sense or is going nowhere, ask if there is spirit out of body. Often times, you’ll get a positive response. Once you correct it, you’ll see the testing return to normal. I even had a patient the other day where, from a chiropractic perspective, all of the orthopedic tests were negative even though her symptoms suggested that there were misalignments. I then found spirit out of body, corrected it and was able to get effective test results after that.

Like many health issues, spirit out of body is both a symptom and a cause. It causes a variety of problems, as I’ve already mentioned. However, it has to be caused by something. It’s a symptom of some other problem. I do occasionally find physical trauma to be the underlying cause. However, it’s far more common for me to find the problem to be strong trapped emotions. It’s so common that whenever I find spirit out of body, I just go straight to asking what the trapped emotion(s) are that are pushing the spirit out of the body. In some cases, I don’t even need to use the magnet to call the spirit back into the body. Once I clear the trapped emotions that were causing spirit out of body, the spirit will often return to its proper position all by itself. Of course, I always retest it and take whatever steps are necessary to insure that the spirit is indeed 100% back in the body.

For some patients, spirit out of body can happen frequently. I believe the more time that the spirit spends partially out of the body, the more easily it can get out again. Some patients have felt the difference between the two states so often that they instantly know if the spirit starts to leave the body. They can sometimes call it back themselves or do some Emotion Code on themselves to help get it back in. If I have a patient who has this problem occur on a frequent basis, I will try to be more proactive in my testing and treatment. After the spirit is back in the body 100%, I can ask if there are trapped emotions that are trying to push the spirit out of the body. Many times I can find and clear those emotions so the spirit is less likely to get dislodged again.

A patient asked me recently, “if you’re not able to get good results in your testing when there is spirit out of body, how can you first of all, determine accurately that there is spirit out of body, and secondly, accurately determine what trapped emotions are involved so you can get the spirit back into the body?” You may be wondering the same thing. I don’t think I have a very good answer for that. Sometimes the intention of the person performing the work can override some of the roadblocks. Other than that, I just think of it as a tender mercy. All I know is that it works. I can generally find the underlying issues and get the spirit back into the body even when none of the other testing is working. I’m very grateful for that. Otherwise, we’d really get stuck.

I love using The Body Code and The Emotion Code with my patients. I love that it can be done remotely, enabling me to help people in many distant places. I’ve done many hundreds of sessions and am happy to share insights that I’ve picked up along the way. I’m grateful to Dr. Nelson for bringing these tools to the world of healing.

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