Often I’m asked after a session, “Are the emotions released gone forever?” and “how do I prevent emotions from becoming trapped?”

The short answer to this is, yes, the emotions cleared in a session are gone forever, but let me explain a little more.

Each trapped emotion in the body is tied to a very specific experience or event from your life, and clearing that emotion has only cleared the emotion tied to that experience. Say for example, we cleared an emotion of “frustration” from age 14 related to school, that “frustration” is now gone, but that does not mean that all frustration is released from the body. There could be other experiences or events where frustration was felt and trapped and those emotions are still ringing in the body. On top of this, it is also possible to feel frustration again and that emotion could become trapped.

One way that emotions become trapped is when we don’t acknowledge them in the moment they are being felt. They become trapped when we push them away, not wanting to experience that feeling. This moves them to the side where they wait indefinitely to have their “moment”, be acknowledged and can be released. This is why we don’t see positive emotions becoming trapped in the body very often. We enjoy the emotion and fully acknowledge and feel it completely. We don’t bury them. So, acknowledge your emotions (takes practice and you will get better) and they won’t become trapped.

Other factors that influence emotions becoming trapped are other trapped emotions, and subconscious patterns or beliefs. It is a universal principle that “like attracts like”. With this principle in action, trapped emotions and subconscious beliefs will attract similar emotions and experiences into your life. I recommend that you work with a qualified practitioner who can help you release these trapped emotions and subconscious issues, then you will be even more free to choose and acknowledge the emotions that come into your life.

by Josh Nelson certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner