We’ve asked for your tips when working on people with special needs, and you have delivered. To start things out, our first tip is by Dr. Brad’s daughter, Natalie, who is also a BC and EC practitioner. Thank you all for sending in your tips. If you have any more tips please leave them as a comment.

Dr. Bradley Nelson –
I would recommend to make it as fun as you can for them! Probably more than most people, special needs people tend to be in touch with their deep feelings, and if you approach them with a heart full of love and sincere desire to help them, they will feel it. Think of yourself as coming to them as an angel from God, with healing and love and caring, and they will respond.

Natalie Nelson
First, look for a Heart-Wall! In every case of autism, for example, a Heart-Wall has always been present. In general, be gentle, and pay attention to any reactions the client has. Special needs people can sometimes be more obvious than the average person about how they are feeling. If they have a strong emotional reaction after releasing a trapped emotion or other imbalance, you may want to hold off on doing more until later. But let their body tell you what it needs and let your intuition guide you too. With any client, it’s important to keep good records. In a case with a special needs client, you may want to take notes before the session, documenting certain symptoms and how strong or troublesome they are on a scale of 1-10. This could include anything from emotional distress to mobility issues to eye contact – you name it. If you achieve significant progress with a client and you have good records of it, others will want to know! Our goal as healers is to use The Emotion Code and The Body Code to help heal and change the world one person at a time. Our fellow humans with special needs may have a lot of room for improvement with our help, so let’s help them!

Judith H.
I have only worked with a child so far, but use a parent as proxy and keep it lighthearted. Children love to join in the release using the magnet!

Bonnie T.
Stay flexible and open to your intuitive guidance and be willing to work creatively. Remember that you can access the Governing meridian at any point between the upper lip, up over the head and down to the base of the spine to do the release work. When I work with children I talk to them directly, stay calm and praise them for being such good helpers. After each release we celebrate with a high-five. They love it!

Patricia G.
Depending on the nature of the special need, use a surrogate or a proxy, provide a safe, welcoming environment for the special needs person and their guardian or assistant.

Theresa W.
Contact the 12 month researched systems which is a on going research systems for many years (1-630-330-3122). They have been published on this subject, leave a message for pt and doctors, and they will get back to you.

Carol C.  –
I have worked with a young lady with CP, many of her trapped emotions were passed from her parents after her birth when she was deprived of oxygen, very healing for all! Also I have worked with 2 clients with autism and had two very different sessions. Has anyone worked with individuals with schizophrenia or bi-polar ?