article by Charan Surdar, CECP/CBCP

Emotions are something that we feel and don’t really “think” about, by that I mean they are something that is very much experiential. In our day-to-day lives it is very common to experience emotions, so we kind of take it for granted and don’t think too much about the details of them and how our emotions may impact, not only our health, but, also that of our children and pets.

The general definition of a word as a noun is, “a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.” Let’s take another look at how emotions can impact our health and the people around us. A noun can also be defined as “E-motion – Energy in motion”.

As we know, quantum physics suggests that everything is energy. This includes our body and the emotions we experience. On a quantum level, when we go all the way down to the atoms and sub-atomic particles, there is only energy.

With The Emotion Code healing system (also a book by Dr. Bradley Nelson), we know that emotions as energy can become trapped in the body, and it is possible to identify these emotions using muscle testing, or kinesiology, to release them – how the emotions get trapped sometimes, and not at other times, is a discussion for another article. But here I would like to talk about the difference between trapped emotions and absorbed emotions.

When we experience emotions, these emotions can become trapped in our body, and that is a trapped emotion. Emotions, are balls of energy that interact with the energy of the body where they are trapped, whereby resulting in the tissues beginning to vibrate away from the natural harmonic resonance and more towards the vibration of the emotion. Nothing is good or bad, just energy, higher or lower vibrations.

What then is an absorbed emotion?

Under the age of about 7 or 8, children are in what is called a hypnogogic state – we are in a similar state between sleep and waking. This is the same state that is referred to as being hypnotized. In this state, children are very much like sponges, and of course there is a good reason for this. Their brains are growing and there is so much learning going on. 

What I have found in many cases, while working on clients, is if the “trapped” emotion comes from an early age, when asked if it is absorbed, I get a yes using muscle testing – not in all cases, but I have found it interesting to ask this question. So in this hypnogogic state, children can pick up emotions from others around them.

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