written by Kimberly Dornbush, CECP

Do you ever wonder why you get so triggered when you go home or are around certain people that are different than you? I just finished reading a book and it explains why we get so upset when we are around certain people or situations that push our buttons.

We all have a vibrational energy we emit and when we are alone it isn’t that strong, but if you go somewhere where the energy vibration is much lower than your vibrational level and it is being emitted by a group of people, the magnitude of the energy can actually override your energy. This different energy vibration from the group has just caused you to become triggered. You actually start vibrating at this new lower energy because the group energy is much stronger than just your single energy field.

They say if you think you are enlightened go home for a week. Our family, the house, it’s furnishing, old stories, old memories, all hold that same energy and it consumes whoever is around it long enough. That is one reason a person gets triggered when they go home and enter a different energy field.

Remember everything and everyone is energy and we can get effected by energy everywhere we go if we aren’t aware of what is going on. What is so great about The Emotion and The Body Code is you can release the emotions or imbalances that are trapped in the body that are contributing to you getting triggered. If we don’t have similar vibrational energy in us we wouldn’t be bothered by other people or situations that are in our lives.

I am learning to thank the things that enter my life that trigger me because that is a sign from the universe that I need to address this issue.

Everything we draw to us is helping us on our journey if we can invite it in and ask what it wants to teach us.

Using The Emotion and The Body Code are the quickest and easiest ways to identify and release these imbalances that create problems in our life. Ignoring them isn’t the solution and if ignored they will create illness and eventually disease.

So if you are triggered, or wondering why the same things keep happening to you, try using The Body Code and see if you have a certain emotional resonance that is attracting this into your life.

You will be amazed at what you find when you start asking questions. Our body only tries to keep us safe. Many times, as small children, we weren’t able to feel and process the emotion we were feeling, so we had to stuff it. Before you know it we had 100’s of trapped emotions running your life.

The Emotion Code and The Body Code are the very best preventative medicine there is out there, so give it a try.

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