Let’s say you had a pickup truck and it was working great. Then every day a brick was thrown into the back. After several weeks of this the truck was really weighted down from the many bricks. Then things started going wrong with the truck like the springs breaking, odd sounds coming out of the motor, loss of power, the tires wearing out rapidly. So you take it to be serviced and they replace the springs, fix the motor, transmission and tires. It seems better but still not like six months ago. Within a short period of time more trouble and things needing to be fixed so you take it back for more servicing. They fix some things but put a couple of wrong parts on and forget to tighten up some nuts and bolts which then cause some interference in using your truck, so you go back for service once again to get those items corrected. You get it back and it still just doesn’t seem to be the same old truck. Then one day someone says to you, “Well it worked good at one time, was it working well before those bricks got in there?” Did you ever wonder what would happen if you took those bricks out of the back of the truck? Did the service people that kept fixing your truck ever say anything about those bricks? So you unload them and viola! The old truck is back. Was there ever really any need for that service and new parts or was it just a matter of identifying the true cause and addressing that?

You see there never really was anything wrong with the truck; it was just over stressed due to being used in a way not intended, a way that created an imbalance in it’s operation. This imbalance then caused parts to wear improperly. Does that sound familiar? Could that be what we do to our selves? Do you get adequate exercise and rest? Are you aware of what you eat? Are you satisfied with your career? How are your relationships? Are your thoughts and feelings of a positive vibration? Could it be that these things create so much stress in our body and mind that things start to break down? Could a life lacking ease and balance be the root of a dis-ease?

With regard to this truck fable, think of it like this, the truck is your body, the service people are the traditional Western methods and the bricks are trapped emotional energy (for example, those low vibration thought/feelings that you choose to experience when the business deal fell through or even the experience you had of terror when you where 5). Those low vibration emotions . . . even though you may think the situation is over and you are consciously clear, they can get trapped in the body and cause all kinds of imbalances. They are invisible entities of energy with a unique vibration, their own frequency if you will, and they can most certainly affect the area where they get trapped. The reason is that their vibration can affect the natural energetic vibration of the tissue they are near and put that tissue out of balance with its natural frequency. Remember everything is energy with its own unique vibration. Once tissue becomes energetically imbalanced or “unhappy”, it can start a domino effect. A kidney that has an energetic imbalance can throw out a related low back muscle; this can then contribute to spinal misalignment issues and sciatic nerve issues which can affect the legs. If a practitioner of healing does not include the impact of energy on health they are very limited in any effective solution. If they ignore or discount what is happening or has happened in a person’s life emotionally, they are also very limited in an effective solution. Going back to the truck story, the unloading of the bricks (trapped emotions) is what energy practitioners do, and this is in contrast to those who ignore the bricks and attempt to solve the issue by fixing the parts. You see we can work on fixing our bodies and circumstances from the outside all day long, but until we get to the true cause, nothing will really change or if it does you may not be too fond of the cost one way or another.

Once trapped emotions are released, the body knows how to heal itself, it carries a perfect blueprint and if we take out that which causes it to mal-function then it can start to function naturally again. This is similar to a rock in your shoe, or a thorn imbedded in your clothing that scratches at your skin. Your foot or your skin is simply going to be unhappy (along with you) until that “thing” is removed. Having these “foreign” items in a place they do not belong will no doubt cause a distraction in some way to your daily life. This is the same with trapped energies; the body simply has trouble functioning as intended with those misplaced energies. They simply interfere with the natural energy frequency of the body area where they are lodged.

In energy healing, health matters are seen as health challenges with symptoms and underlying reasons (imbalances) for the symptoms. If you have a rock stuck in your shoe, you don’t call it rockitis, you just realize your foot hurts and you take the rock out. If a part of your body hurts or is in any kind of discomfort it is telling you something is out of balance, not functioning in the way intended. It’s not really helpful to give it names, that is, I don’t’ think that ever helped anyone get well, however, what is helpful is to listen to the body and get rid of the thing, the imbalance that is causing those symptoms. I also don’t believe that when your body hurts that it wants that pain or discomfort to be suppressed or the body part to be cut out. That being said I realize there are times when conditions have deteriorated and invasive and intrusive action may be the only avenue. Also for clarity, I am referring to symptom type imbalances rather than emergency situations where life and death is at stake or flagrant open wounds exist and the like. Typically, if we pay attention to our body and deal with discomfort when it is small it does not reach a critical point where such invasion is necessary.

With respect to the energetic vibration of emotions, did your heart ever pound when you were frightened? Did you ever get butterflies in your stomach when nervous? Did you ever wake up sweating from a dream? Did you ever have tears of joy, or of sadness? How did a tear come to be from a thought? That would seem to be proof that a thought leads to an emotion that causes a physical manifestation. Thoughts and related feelings (which have their own unique energy vibration) can change matter. If you look at the book Hidden Messages in the Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto you can see able evidence of this. Treating the body without considering the impact that the mind and ones emotions have on matter is like fixing the truck without giving any consideration to that pile of bricks sitting in the back.

To conclude the fable, in removing trapped emotions (removing the bricks) it allows the body to return to its natural vibration and therefore sets the condition for the body to heal.

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