written by Brian Withers

What if your body and your “feelings” were like a smoke detector, screaming at you to let you know when something wasn’t right (out of balance)? Would you fix the smoke detector, or would you fix the cause for the smoke detector to get your attention?

Are there things going on in your body or in your “feelings” that are unpleasant? Could this be an alarm going off to alert you that something is not right in your life? Might you be making (low vibration) choices, and/or have emotional baggage, might that be your smoke?

What would happen if you cleaned up that smoke? The Emotion Code and The Body Code are like opening the window and letting that smoke out and getting back to clean energy living. Making higher vibration choices can lead to experiencing a more balanced and high vibration life.

Think about it, should we really expect a great working body and mind when we are burdened with emotional baggage and making choices that create imbalances? If we have no clear purpose, if we are at odds in our relationships, if we have little or no excitement about the work that we do (that takes roughly 1/3 to 1/2 of our waking hours), if we don’t exercise, have fun, eat well, and be kind to others and our selves doesn’t it make sense that our body will tell that story. When we live a dis-eased life, can we expect a body that is not?

I believe we all have natural gifts and talents and a purpose to use them. That being said when we come to this world many of us are quickly ushered down a different hallway that really does not have us expressing our true selves. In this life where we come as the proverbial bear but end up wearing the elephant costume, is it any wonder we end up with emotional baggage. Combine that with the lack of education around our energy nature and the law of vibration and what else should we expect but a body that is screaming for us to wake up.

I believe the pain that we experience is natures way to “wake us up” and tell us we are off course. If we focus on “fixing” the body, we miss the incredible opportunity to see what we need to do in our life to get into harmony with our true self and purpose; shed that elephant costume. Thankfully The Emotion Code and The Body Code respect the bodies’ messages rather than suppressing them. This helps us to unzip that elephant costume and leave it behind. Add to this some emotional intelligence education around our energy nature and now we really have a way to health and wellness.

When people approach me about my services I have them fill out my Vibration Indicator Questionnaire. As a client it instantly helps them to see where their vibration is, which can be a big wake up call. It makes them wonder if they can raise their general score even two points, and thinkhow much better would life be. For me as a practitioner, it helps to home in on areas to ask about Trapped Emotions and Imbalances. It also helps me to understand if they may be making choices that are shoveling in new imbalances as quickly as we are taking them out. Lastly it helps me to identify if my program to help them get into harmony with their purpose and live a higher vibration life may apply. In most cases it does because we simply have not been given the knowledge, or know how, with regard to operating this energy being and body that we are. In the end the combination of services helps them to get on track to their true expression and everything that comes with that. This seems to be the best medicine for health, happiness and harmony.

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