Last month, we held our first Ultimate Health, Wealth & Relationship Retreat. Attendees and staff felt invigorated, rejuvenated and inspired after this wonderful event. All of the staff at Healers Library had an amazing experience and we wanted to share with you our favorite moments from #UHWRR2015!

The best thing about the UHWRR event in Las Vegas was the overall feeling I left with. I felt invigorated and inspired to help more and more people! I feel my capacity to heal has been increased as well as my desire to heal others. ~ Josh Nelson

I loved feeling the energy of so many healers coming together to learn and lift each other up. I think we all felt so understood and cared for and united in a common goal to heal the world… what a beautiful community to belong to! ~ Natalie Nelson


The energy throughout the entire event was positive and full of love. At the end of the last day I could tell that no one wanted it to end! ~ Lynn Phillips

My favorite part, is when after Mr. Smart’s talk finished, we got a hat and people started donating for Operation Underground Railroad. What a wonderful experience! Also, when at the end, people were sharing their testimonials… loved that part too. ~ Mary Ruiz


I was very inspired to see so many people eager to grow and learn more about healing others and themselves. So much love and understanding could be felt throughout the event, it was quite powerful. ~ Chanelle Lundahl

I loved the opportunity to connect one-on-one with so many of the wonderful people who attended this event! Each person that I was able to talk with radiated with love and an obvious desire to reach out and help others! Our lives are all continually enriched and blessed by this work! ~ Becky Killian


There were a lot of great moments at the UHWRR event! I have to say that I love to connect with individuals and get to speak with them one on one. I also loved how open and willing everyone was to share their experiences and how loving everyone was. This work attracts great people who have really big hearts. You could really feel a lot of love at the event. ~ Jean Nelson

It was an historic event, to have so many people whose Heart-Walls had been removed, all together in one giant room. The energy, the love, the connectedness made it a transcendent experience. Unforgettable!! ~ Dr. Bradley Nelson


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