Magnetic Healing with the Emotion Code

Dr. Bradley Nelson uses magnetic energy in every energy healing session! Learn more about the benefits of different types of magnets, and how Dr. Nelson came to discover magnetic energy’s role in energy healing with the Emotion Code, Body Code, and Belief Code.

The History of Magnets as Wellness Tools

Magnets have been used as a wellness tool dating back over 2,000 years to China, as documented in the “Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine.” In the modern era, magnetic energy healing practices can be traced back to the late 1800s, when Dr. Albert Abrams began developing various devices that could detect diseased tissue in the human body and correct the underlying imbalances. Similarly, Austrian physician Franz Anton Mesmer developed a theory relating to the body’s own magnetic energy and, more recently, researchers and neurologists at Vanderbilt Medical University have investigated the use of static magnets to “treat chronic pain.”

For Dr. Bradley Nelson, an expert in the field of holistic natural wellness, magnets played a big role in his pivotal journey.

The Value of Healing Magnets

Researchers today continue to explore and debate the use of magnets for wellness. However, doctors and researchers across the field do share several largely accepted views, including the idea that magnets can increase blood flow, improve flexibility and increase muscle strength. It is also widely believed magnets can help the body’s muscles and soft tissues to relax and lengthen, facilitating recovery, while reducing muscle swelling and pain. Magnets may also help reduce the levels of calcium, cholesterol, and lactic acid deposits in the blood. Similarly, evidence suggests that magnetic fields can also act as a pain-blocking mechanism in nerve fibers.

Magnets’ Role in Energy Healing

In his personal practice, Dr. Nelson uses magnets to release trapped emotional energies. Since the body is actually made of energy, it makes perfect sense to us to say that emotions are also made of energy — energy we believe can be attracted by and removed from the body with a magnet. In every session, after recognizing God and asking for help, Dr. Nelson uses muscle testing to identify any potential trapped emotions using the Chart of Emotions.

When a trapped emotion has been identified and is ready to be released, our premise is that by passing a magnet over the Governing Meridian (think of this as the ‘energy highway’ of the body) three times, you can release and transform the emotional energy, rendering it harmless. If a trapped emotion happens to have been inherited from a parent, Dr. Nelson recommends passing the healing magnet 10 times over the Governing Meridian, being vigilant about checking to confirm that the negative energy is gone afterwards.

To learn how Dr. Nelson came to discover magnetic energy’s role in his own recovery as a teenage boy — a discovery that ultimately led him down the path he is on today — you can read about it here. But to make a long story short, magnets have helped Dr. Nelson ease the discomfort of thousands of people, playing a monumental role in the development of his energy healing methods.

Becoming a Magnetic Healer

Want to learn to use magnets for energy healing? Discover Healing offers three levels of certification in the Emotion Code, the Body Code, and the Belief Code. Magnetic energy is used with these techniques to release trapped emotions, energetic imbalances, and faulty beliefs. These tools are easy to learn, and have been life-changing for many practitioners! If you’re ready to get started, the Emotion Code will teach you how to use magnetic energy to clear trapped energy. The online course will teach you everything you need to know to start helping yourself and your loved ones!

Magnets and Energy Healing Methods

As you are probably aware, we use magnets in the book “The Emotion Code” to release trapped emotions and balance the body. It is my experience that a variety of different magnets can be used for healing.

In our experience, any of these will work, and you may already have one of these in your home. If you are serious about using the Emotion Code for very long, I highly recommend the Nikken magnets.

Nikken is an international company that was founded in 1975 in Japan. They have done a tremendous amount of research in the field of magnetic healing, and really know how to make wonderful magnets that I have come to rely on. They have a whole stable of magnetic products, including some of the most advanced magnetic devices available. (In the interest of full disclosure, Discover Healing, Inc. is listed as a Nikken Wellness Consultant.)

Healing Magnets Used for The Emotion Code™

The Emotion Code™ Magnetic Chart

This chart is 3″ X 5″, and has the full Emotion Code Chart conveniently printed on it, so you have ultimate convenience when releasing trapped emotions.

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Nikken Healing Magnets

Nikken products such as the Kenko MagDuo®, which is a great magnetic massager. Or, the Kenko PowerChip® which can be used in many other Nikken products.

Any Fridge Magnet will Do!

While any of the magnets listed above are preferred, a business-card type of magnet will also work. The advantage of the Nikken magnets is that they are built and designed to last.

If you are interested in purchasing the Nikken Magnets you can:

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