When we experience something intense, the emotions from that occurrence can stick with us. Especially when we don’t process those emotions for one reason or another. These emotions can weigh us down, causing us to feel less certain, more upset, or more reactive in our relationships, career, and life. Emotions that aren’t dealt with usually won’t just go away. They’ll stay stored in your body, holding you back and impacting your feelings. 

So how can you release emotions that are trapped in your body? The Emotion Code® and the Body Code™ are amazing tools to help free your body and mind from the negative impacts of trapped emotions!

Emotional Baggage Examples

Trapped emotional energy could come from a wide variety of experiences. A few examples include heartbreak, being let go from a job you love, a scary situation occurring, having a fight with a loved one, a major life change, an illness or injury, and many more. The more intense the experience, the higher the likelihood that emotions will become stored in the body.

When we experience an emotion, that process would ideally go something like this:

  1. An emotional vibration is created
  2. We feel the emotion, as well as experience any physical sensations or thoughts associated with that emotion
  3. We process the emotion and the vibration leaves the body

When step two or three gets interrupted, that is often what leads to an emotion becoming stuck in the body – lingering there and causing physical or emotional issues. 

Trapped emotions can cause many, many different issues! Some examples of the potential impact of emotional baggage are:

  • Feeling low self-worth or self-esteem
  • Challenges connecting to others and experiencing love 
  • Experiencing physical discomfort or illnesses
  • Becoming more reactive to stressful or upsetting situations

Where Emotions Become Trapped in the Body

Everything is made up of energy, including our bodies. Emotions each have their own vibrational frequencies, and those energetic vibrations can interact with the vibrations of our bodies, becoming stuck in certain locations. Emotions stored in body parts can affect the health and wellness of those body parts. Trapped emotions can become stored anywhere, though there are certain patterns sometimes observed. 

Where a certain emotion is trapped won’t be the same for everyone. While many people experience feelings of stress as tightness in their chest or their jaw, that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s where you’ll find the vibration of stress every time. Similarly, when we’re heartbroken, we often experience that emotion as a sensation in the chest. That might mean the feeling becomes stuck there, but it could also become lodged elsewhere! Not every person will experience an emotion in the same place in their body. 

Releasing Trapped Emotions from Your Body with The Emotion Code and The Body Code

The most effective way we have found to release emotions that have become trapped in your body is through energy healing with the Emotion Code and the Body Code. These methods are simple and effective. They use the body’s innate knowledge to determine exactly which emotions are trapped and pinpoint where the emotional baggage is stuck. By identifying the specific emotion and location, practitioners of the Emotion Code and the Body Code are then able to effectively release the vibration with the use of magnetic energy. These powerful tools are non-invasive, easy to learn and use, and often provide immediate relief from a wide array of physical and mental issues!

Using the Emotion Code® Chart to Release Trapped Emotions from the Body:

Learn the steps to take when releasing an emotion stored in the body. Use these steps with the Emotion Code Chart and muscle testing. Anyone can use this energy healing method! If you’re unsure how to use the Emotion Code Chart, join our 14-day free Emotion Code Challenge to learn. Or, enroll in Level 1: Emotion Code to become a certified practitioner, understand this technique deeply, and have the ability to release emotions from your own body, and from your loved ones.

Using emotion code to release emotion stored in body

Start by asking for help.

Dr. Nelson made a habit of saying a quiet prayer before he worked with each of his patients. He asked for help from his higher power so in return, he could help the people who came to him. Ask your higher power for guidance as you learn to help your body heal itself.

Do I have a trapped emotion?

The first question can look different to each person. Start by asking yourself a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question.

Do I have a trapped emotion I can release? Is there an emotion stored in my body I can let go of?

If you’re currently experiencing some type of physical discomfort, you could ask yourself if you have a trapped emotion contributing to that discomfort.

Is the emotion in Column A?

If you get a ‘no’ to this question, move on to column B. After locating the correct column, begin to search for the row containing your trapped emotion. This will help you find out which major body system is storing trapped energy.

Do I need to know more about this emotion?

If the answer to this question is yes, try asking additional ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions such as:

Did this event happen in childhood?

..Between the ages of 0-10? Or 11-15? Age 12?

Do I need to know more about the event that took place?

Is it okay for me to release this trapped emotion now?

release emotion stored in the body with magnetic energy on main meridian.

Release trapped emotions with magnetic energy

Once you’ve asked all these ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions, you may be ready to release a trapped emotion from the body! Once you’ve located and identified an emotion stored in the body, release it by moving your hand or a magnet across the governing meridian. The governing meridian is found along the top of the head.

Use a Practitioner to Help Release Trapped Emotions

If you are looking for someone to aid you in releasing trapped emotions, we can help. An emotional clearing practitioner can help you release emotions stored in the body and find the relief you need. Find an Emotion Code Practitioner near you and clear your body of stored emotions today.

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