I started using The Emotion Code on my son Max who is 9. I discovered that he had a Heart-Wall made symbolically of 91 kilometers of wood. One evening I released 3 trapped emotions which took his Heart Wall down to 30 kilometers. Two days later my son said to me, “Mum, since 2 days ago, I feel so much lighter.” I nearly started crying.
In the summer I met my 90-year-old aunt. She told me that she couldn’t raise her right arm. She could only lift it 10 centimeters from her side. I released 9 emotions. When we met again the following day she told me that she could raise her arm to her shoulder. It was the first time that month that she slept thru the night.
I released some more emotions. When she went to her heart specialist a few weeks later he told her that her heart was much better. He couldn’t explain why this happened. 😉

~Petra N.