Emotion Code Miracle Number 1

I worked on a 3-year-old little girl whose mom called me in a panic. The little girl had a urinary tract infection and had been on medication for 3 days but it wasn’t helping. She wouldn’t go to the bathroom because it hurt so bad and she was getting sick. Her mother was taking her back to the doctor that morning to be checked but wanted me to do a session on her daughter to see if it would at least release some of the pain.

I was finishing up with her session when I received a phone call from the mom. She asked me if I had worked on her daughter and I said I had just finished. Then she proceeded to tell me a miraculous story. They had been sitting in the office with the doctor. The little girl was on the table screaming in pain and refusing to go to the bathroom for a urine sample when all of a sudden, as they were discussing options of what to do about the pain, the screaming stopped and she stood up and said, “Mommy I have to go pee.” The pain was gone as well as the fever and she was all better.

The doctor was stunned but the mom just knew I must have worked on her daughter. They gathered up their things, leaving the doctor baffled as to what had just happened. That is when she called me, just as soon as she went out to the car.

Emotion Code Miracle Number 2

I worked on a teenage girl who was having a hard time running and doing things she loved, due to some foot and knee pain. After a session with her, I received a message from her mom that said, “She is leaping around the house!” The message came about 45 minutes after the session.

~Kimberly Fowler