The Emotion Code process has connected the dots in my life. I’d worked for a couple of years with tapping to release and pinpoint what I thought were my sabotaging issues. When I was introduced to The Emotion Code, I knew this was what I needed. It enabled my body to tell me, rather than my mind to guide me, on what was ready to be identified and released. I was immediately attracted to sway testing, feeling most confident with that method of muscle testing. I was diligently releasing one trapped emotion after another and inherited trapped emotions that made so much sense in our family experiences. The freeing feelings and flow it brought me has been positively life changing. The awareness that I can assist others in releasing their own trapped emotions is an honor I take very seriously.

Ginnie was a new client scheduling a massage/ energy work session. She had recently retired from her job and the first few months of adjusting had not been easy for her. She felt worthless, tired and no positive stimulation to move forward. I explained what my session may offer her in regards to her physical and mental stimulation and rejuvenation. She was ready. Through the session, she shared more personal perspectives on certain emotional issues. I encouraged her to keep me updated as to her energy levels and emotional stability. Two days later she called and shared that she had the new found energy and the brighter outlook that she had wanted.

~Mary M.