This summer a friend gave us a little stray cat that had wandered up to his house, which is in a heavily wooded area filled with foxes, skunks, coyotes and other predators. Knowing he could not keep the cat safe, he asked us to take it and we did. She [was] a tiny little tortoiseshell cat who…was about seven months old.

She turned out to be a holy terror that picked fights with our other cat, streaked like a wild thing through our house, gulped all the food in sight, and could not sit still for more than thirty seconds. Worse yet, she was a serious biter who sank five sharp teeth into the side of my hand, causing a rather serious wound. It became impossible to pet her without danger of being bitten.

Not wanting to give up on her, we had her spayed, thinking that would calm her down— but we barely noticed a difference. Next we gave her herbal remedies and homeopathic drops, but they didn’t make any difference either. Finally it occurred to me to try The Emotion Code with her. It took two sessions, during which we released nine trapped “terrors” along with some other Trapped Emotions. I also told her (by proxy) that she was loved, had a permanent home, and would always be a part of our family.

Within twenty-four hours there was a noticeable difference in her behavior. Since then she has stopped streaking through the house, eats politely and gets along well with our other cat, sits on our laps, begs to be petted, and sleeps close to us at night. The change is profound!

– Judith Albright, CECP (Colorado, USA)

This testimonial was originally published in Judith Albright’s Practitioner Spotlight.

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