I was excited to purchase a new computer. Upon arriving home I left it all in its packaging, telling myself and my husband I wanted a fresh mind to dive into this technology. Another day and another passed and the computer was still untouched, unopened. I wasn’t even opening the box.

I had just met a wonderful woman at church and a friendship was beginning. She personally owned the same computer. She offered to assist me if I would just open it, and noticed I was displaying an anxiety of sorts. We had a conversation about the energy in our body. She was learning about The Emotion Code and might be able to test me. Maybe there was an underlying reason I was procrastinating on opening a brand-new computer.

She did a muscle test that showed I had Trapped Emotions, two of which were Fear of Success and Shame. A Saboteur was giving me pain in my back in the kidney area and in the kidney specifically. Had I been experiencing pain in my back? Yes! In my kidney? Yes! In fact I had been to the ER a few weeks ago and thought I was suffering a kidney stone. My friend did not know any of this…she only used questions and muscle testing to find the source from where and even when it settled into my body. A wonderful healing came to the back, the kidney, and my fears and anxiety.

Two days later I glanced across the room and saw that unopened box with my computer. I opened the box and joyously did what I would have done any other time in my life in this situation. I KNEW I was free from some negative, powerful force telling me “You can’t open it, you can’t deal with the technology and it’s going to be a disaster!” It was not a fear anymore. I was free to do what brought me joy. What fun!

I thank my friend for the energy work and I thank Heavenly Father for the knowledge available in this day and age. Last week I enrolled myself in the The Body Code 2.0! My husband is by my side 100%…and joins with me as I listen to videos and webinars on THAT NEW LAPTOP COMPUTER that I feared EVEN OPENING THE PLASTIC COVERING ON THE NEW BOX.

Yes, I’m no longer afraid or anxious about that, and many other pleasures have been restored to my body and my life!

Thank you,

– Donna S.