I always felt that there was more to life then what I was living but I never could quite put my finger on it. Then, about six years ago, I heard about Reiki. In case you’ve never heard of Reiki it’s a universal healing energy that all of us are capable of practicing on our self. We just are not aware of it.

I practiced mostly on friends but still felt that there was more.

One day on the radio I heard Dr. Bradley Nelson talking about The Emotion Code and was offering a free download of his book. I knew at that moment that was what I was looking for.

I downloaded the book and read it as fast as time allowed.

You see all my life I always felt that there was a wall around me but didn’t really know what I was feeling.

After reading the book I knew I found the answer. I not only had a tremendous number of Trapped Emotions I also had a huge what Dr. Bradley Nelson calls a “Heart-Wall” I had built a Heart-Wall around my heart to protect myself from future heartache.

I had suffered a lot of heartache as a child and, not realizing what was happening, I built a Heart-Wall around my heart that was 29 miles wide. That’s right 29 miles. It took several weeks to remove this Heart-Wall. I remember the first time I looked at my granddaughter at the age of 3 and truly felt an all-consuming love that I cannot even describe. I had never felt this before. I knew then that I had found what I have been searching for. For the next couple of years I practiced on family and friends and continued to remove Trapped Emotions on myself that kept on coming to the surface. I thought about becoming a certified practitioner and this past February, I realized that dream. I am now able to help many more people not just family and friends.

Just one more thing I would like to share with you.

For the first time in my life when this past Valentine’s Day rolled around I can truly say that I didn’t dread it. I never celebrated it or even bought my children or granddaughter a card. This past Valentine’s Day I bought my granddaughter and grandson a card and present. I contribute this to having removed my Heart-Wall and I am now able to give and receive love.

Natalie Levy ~ Trevose, PA

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