Aloha All,  (written to friends at Christmas time)

Two days ago, we had a pretty big “miracle” with Nani.  Nani is a semi wild kitty with a sever skin issue.  Long story shorter, I do a form of energy healing called the Emotion Code.  It finds ‘stuck’ emotions that have formed walls around the heart and that are causing energy disruptions in the body/mind causing disease.  You use muscle testing and a chart to pin point the troublesome emotion.

First I lured her into the house with a dish of food and she spent the night hunkered down under my bamboo couch.  Next day, I lured her into a fairly large cat carrier the same way….after much ado.  She was frantic in the cage, so I did  EFT (meridian tapping) on her (actually on me) regarding anxiety for being caged.  Within minutes she stopped clawing, layed down and rested.

I took her, cage and all into my big bathroom that has a slate floor (she’s never used a litter box, but I put one in the bathroom, hoping.)  I let her out and she ran under the sink cabinet where she stayed until late that evening. At that time a friend came over to act as “surrogate”, tuning into Nani, becoming her, so to speak, (there is a way we test to see if the connection has been made), then we lured her out with food so we could focus on her better.

I will add here that Mary, the friend helping me, lived with us for 2 months and Nani never came near her or let Mary touch her.

We started testing and came up with 3 emotions; defensiveness, terror, and conflict. The first two were Heartwalls. One at a time we cleared the emotion and retested.  They all seemed to “clear”.  Nani finished eating and ran back under the cabinet.  Instead of leaving right away, we chatted about it in the bathroom for 2 or 3 minutes.  That’s when the miracle happened!!

Nani (now remember, this is a semi wild kitty that rarely even lets ME touch her)pokes her head out, starts meowing and comes out and rubs her sore and hairless body all over our legs!!  She just walked back and forth between us rubbing and purring ( I had never heard her purr before!!).  This went on for about 5 minutes, with Mary receiving the bulk of the gratitude. I decided to try to put some of the healing skin oils I had bought on her. She actually easily let me gently rub oil into her bare skin!!  She did a litte more “loving” on us, then walked over to open cage, (with a nice cozy towel in it)climbed in and started kneading and pawing to make a nest!!  We both sat in awe as we realized we had just truly witnessed a miracle….a 180  degree turn around in this cat’s personality!!  Two days later, she is still in the bathroom leaving her cage for food, loving and oils, then happily returning to nap.  In fact, the next day I took the cage outside so she could go to the bathroom (instead of using the tub!!) and she turned around, ran back in the house, up the stairs and into the bathroom.  It is all so amazing.  It is making my “nursing” job so much easier.  I go in every couple hours, love on her, oil her, talk to her and today her hair is dry (not wet from licking or oozing) and her skin looking better.  When Mary can come back over, I hope to continue the work to see if new emotions have come up that we can clear to speed up the healing even more.  My only fear now is that she is going to want to become a house cat!!!

All that to say, the Spirit of Christmas, Perfect Love, is still a gift to us all today.   Love heals.  Removing our barriers allows love to heal.  May LOVE bless and heal you today and always!!

Mele Kalikimaka,


P.S.  Two weeks later Nani has “moved” to our large upstairs lanai, leaving the “protection” of her cage behind, using her cat box and meowing for me to come out and “love” on her every time I pass the door.  Her skin is no longer feverish, very few scabs left, and her hair appears to be growing back.
Her temperament remains completely changed and she seems peaceful for the first time in her 4 years of life!

Nani right after treatment









Nani several days later…quite peaceful