“When I was 13 years old, my wellness was miraculously restored, and I learned some things that changed me forever.”


This video is the third of an eight-part series from Discover Healing, introducing new readers to energy healing using The Emotion Code and The Body Code – two super powerful yet extremely simple tools that may help you to locate and release Trapped Emotions and other energy imbalances throughout the body. These tools could help you feel better emotionally and physically — all on your own.

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Dr. Brad was Called to Holistic Health at a Young Age

At age 13, Dr. Brad was diagnosed with kidney disease and at the time, his odds of survival were 50/50. Western medicine had no solutions then, so Dr. Brad’s parents took him to holistic healers to learn about more solutions. These doctors treated Dr. Brad by looking for the root imbalances that caused his condition to begin with. In as little as a month, Dr. Brad felt much better.

Doctors at the clinic where he had been diagnosed confirmed through testing that Brad no longer had kidney disease, and his body was in full “spontaneous remission.” While western medicine couldn’t explain why Dr. Brad experienced such a miraculous turnaround, he knew it was because of the work his holistic healers had done.

This experience inspired Dr. Nelson to follow in their footsteps by becoming a Chiropractor and learning the holistic healing arts. Through experience, he learned how to help his patients recover from all kinds of issues from the inside out. In his practice, he wanted to help his patients the best, fastest way, with lasting results — so he sought the insights of their subconscious minds to locate root issues or imbalances in the body. Muscle testing, a simple form of biofeedback, was his main tool for accessing information from the subconscious mind.

Dr Bradley Nelson
Dr. Bradley Nelson, DC, ret.

The Subconscious Mind May Hold the Answers to Our Personal Health and Wellness

Many years of inspiration and practice led Dr. Nelson to create The Body Code. He learned that emotions seemed to play a critical role in wellness, and that Trapped Emotions or emotional baggage may be responsible for much of our physical discomfort and emotional struggles.

First, Dr. Nelson wrote The Emotion Code, a book and simple tool that anyone can use to locate and release Trapped Emotions and restore energetic balance to the body.

Dr. Nelson designed The Emotion Code to empower any individual to help themselves feel better.


Dr. Nelson believes there will always be a need for western medicine, like surgery and pharmaceuticals – but from a holistic point of view, much of our physical and emotional problems may be resolved by correcting energy imbalances within the body.

Watch Dr. Brad’s next video – Muscle Testing – to learn more about muscle testing and how you can use The Emotion Code and The Body Code for yourself and your loved ones.




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