Someone recently said to me “You better be careful because you know, as you get older the areas where you fell and hurt yourself will become painful.”

This comment made me think about our beliefs and the collective beliefs about aging. Also, I became more thankful for The Emotion Code and The Body Code in my life.

Of course, as everything is energy, so are our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. When we believe something to be true, that belief bathes the energy of our glands, organs, tissues and cells, which is energy too. This soup of our own beliefs, familial beliefs, and the collective, is the soup that our energy is bathing in. This creates our internal environment to which the cells respond, reflecting back to us that we have these beliefs present in our energy field.

Not do our beliefs, but also emotions we experience, can become trapped in our energy field, adding to this soup. When I heard this comment about aging, and it’s connection to the places in my body that had been injured as a result of falling or having an accident, I remember experiencing certain emotions at those times, maybe “shock” or “panic” for example. These emotions can be trapped in those areas adding to this energy field soup.

The realization I had from all of this, and the gift I received from this comment was that using these tools we can release trapped emotions from those events in our lives where we injured a certain part of our body, or around those events. This was huge. Why? Because we allow our tissues to heal firstly, but also to retain their “freshness” which would then contribute to a healthier life.

The other realization was that this was a belief system, and this would happen as we grow older, adding to this soup of other beliefs about aging. This brings about more emotions about aging. If we can come to the realization and awareness that actually these belief systems can be brought to the surface with tools such as The Body Code, we can recognize that it is possible to stay well all our lives.

On a collective level, we are exposed to so many belief systems about aging, and again if we can bring awareness to them as soon as we hear them, we will be able to move away from being victims to our biology, and instead to a place of empowerment.

I know in my heart, that when I have injured myself I have used The Body Code to release whatever energy was “trapped” as a result of an injury, and this to me is being empowered and taking inspired action towards health, well-being and fitness. This is something that all of us can do, as healing begins when we take responsibility for our own health.

Here is a video explaining more about trapped emotions, and more specifically about the Heart-Wall:

Charan Surdhar, Emotion Code / Body Code Practitioner