Are you a Victim to catching the flu?

“Don’t come near me if you have the flu, I don’t want to catch it.” Sound familiar?
Right now it’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere and you know what that means. Unfortunately, we’ve trained ourselves so perfectly that when someone has the flu or cold we automatically think that just by being near them we will catch it too. 

There is some truth in this, but not the truth that has been taught to us in school. Confused? 

We have been taught that viruses, bacteria, and all other micro-organisms are out to get us, and we have to fight against them. I kind of get a vision of warding off vampires with garlic. Yes, that is extreme and not true, as vampires don’t exist, but the analogy is similar. We are taught to be afraid of these micro-organisms, as if they have large fanged teeth.

But what if we looked at this situation in a different way. A fresh new way. We live in this world alongside these micro-organisms. They help us digest food in our gut, and they live on our skin. We are here to live in harmony with them.

Can you feel the difference between the two scenarios? The first one brings fear, the second has a feeling of calmness.

The truth is that when we fear catching the flu, we bring our energy down. Our body goes into fight or flight mode, which is where the brain makes decisions via our glandular system, “do I supply blood to the organs, or do I supply blood to the arms and legs so that the person can run when there is a signal of danger?”. In this situation the latter is correct, as it feels threatening to the body. The immune system has become compromised and we are in a situation where our bodies can catch the flu. But if we recognize that we live in unison with these micro-organisms, then we are allowing for our immune system to work optimally and we can stay healthy.

Emotions trapped in the body can also cause the immune system to be compromised. The organ, or organs, where the emotions are trapped begin to vibrate at the same frequency as the emotion(s) trapped. Emotions can get trapped anywhere in the body. But it is empowering to know that with the Emotion Code these emotions can be released allowing the organs, and body, to come back to balance, helping the immune system to work optimally.

Knowing this we can begin to look at illness with a fresh, new, perspective? We are not here to be victims to our environment, we are here to live in harmony with it. There are many infections that can be life threatening, where medical treatment is imperative.

The take home message here is that the vibration of your body resonates at a certain frequency, which fluctuates by how we perceive our environment. Whether this is because we have trapped emotions, or, if we are perceiving danger versus recognizing that we live in harmony with our environment – this by itself can result in our immune system either working optimally or not. 

Here’s an animated video on this same topic. 
“This video is wonderful and medically accurate. It’s also done very, very, gently and respectably.” ~ Dr. Christiane Northrup

With all this information, I hope that we can feel empowered and move away from the fear that we have been taught to have, allowing us to be healthy, which is our natural birthright.

Charan Surdhar