The Emotion Code was brought to my attention about two years ago, closely followed by The Body Code. It seemed to resonate so well with me, I could hardly believe what I saw. Shortly after I started learning to use The Body Code, our eldest daughter was taken to the hospital with carbon dioxide poisoning. I went to work as best I knew how. I have had another occasion to do the same thing with her and I believe it has helped to save her life on both occasions.

It occurred to me how good it would be if I could start helping others by way of voluntary work, so that is how I use The Body Code—just helping family (one granddaughter had leukemia, and is now doing really well) and friends and friends of friends.

I do not charge anything, but sometimes receive gifts from those people and to me, that makes me happy, at this time of my life, that I am able to help others. I work always by proxy so people don’t have to travel to see me. For me the great thing is that after twenty years of having medication for emphysema, I have not had to use any for the last eighteen months, so that makes me happy, thanks to The Body Code.

I am amazed at the answers that can come from through The Body Code, from the subconscious mind.

– John B.