This past May 29th saw the launch of the Illuminate Film Festival, a platform for conscious filmmaking and Mind Body Spirit cinema. It took place in beautiful Sedona, AZ. It was an amazing, high vibrational 5-day event incorporating 22 films and documentary shorts, Q&A’s, workshops, the Healing Village, live music, vendors and all-natural food from ChocolaTree. Illuminate’s philosophy is a view and do: “We can personally attest to the power of film. Movies have changed our lives, which is why we are impassioned by the notion of heralding film as a healing modality. Spanning human journey tales to mindful meditations to ground-breaking explorations of mind-body science, our films and corresponding workshops will tag team to offer an incomparable watch and do experience.”

One highlight was the world premiere of Death Makes Life Possible, a film featuring Marilyn Schlitz and Deepak Chopra, which was followed by a post-screening conversation with Deepak and Marilyn. Another highlight, that I was personally excited about, was the U.S. premiere of E-Motion, a film featuring Dr. Bradley Nelson! As a CECP, I was thrilled with the opportunity to be one of the practitioners at the Healing Village where I was able to introduce those who were unfamiliar with The Emotion Code to a first-hand experience of what it’s all about. I met so many wonderful people who were open to experiencing these sessions. I found it very rewarding that we were able to release 6 Heart-Walls while greatly reducing many more Heart-Walls and hidden Heart-Walls. The founder and executive director of Illuminate wrote, “I heard first-hand accounts of filmmakers who had profound shifts in your sessions. Thank you for bringing your gift to the Illuminate Healing Village, Adrienne!”

Platforms, like the Illuminate Film Festival, are wonderful for getting what we do to assist others out to the public. What a fantastic way of informing those who are unfamiliar with the many different modalities that are available for their releasing and healing. Click Here to learn more about the Illuminate Film Festival

CLICK HERE to learn more about E-Motion.

Adrienne Almamour CECP