Having trained in quite a few modalities, I can say that by far the Emotion Code and the Body Code have helped me help my clients the most. But in the last week I was working with a colleague, Kerry Kennedy, an Emotion Code practitioner, and in this session we started discussing one of the modalities I had done previously, VoiceBio.

As we know, everything is energy, our cells, our organs, our glands, everything. We also know that when all our energies are running smoothly, we are healthy and feel well. The Emotion Code and the Body Code help identify the areas in which there is a “stuckness” in the energy, and then help release it. 

Where does sound come into this? VoiceBio, is a system that has been created that takes the sounds in our voice and breaks it into the 7 musical notes. Each musical note is connected to organs, glands and emotions. As everything is energy, so is our voice, as it holds the vibration of our physical body. When our energy is running smoothly, the notes are all balanced, but if not then there can be some notes that are low and correspondingly some that will be high as a result of the imbalance.

“After a discussion with Charan about the vocal frequencies of the body and the link to emotions, Charan agreed to work with me and my voice. I was a professional singer for many years until my vocal range started to become weak. I was aware that when I spoke I could hear there was something ‘stuck’ in my voice emotionally. I have done much work with The Emotion Code on my voice and it has gradually gotten better however something was still there.

During the session Charan, found that two of my vocal frequencies were weak which were C and D and the two corresponding notes G and B, were high. Interestingly what was discovered was that all of the physical issues I have had with my voice and weakness of certain frequencies related completely to what Charan found. The other fascinating discovery was that this also related to bunions which I developed as a young child.

Almost immediately after the session when I spoke, I felt more at peace and could actually hear a difference in the sounds my voice was making.” ~ Kerry Kennedy

As I was working with Kerry, I was inspired to connect with her to see which notes were low, to help her further. I used muscle testing to find out which ones they were, and then used the Body Code system to find out what was “behind” why they were low. The results were fascinating. The structural muscles and nerves in her neck showed up as having an imbalance, when asked “what is causing the C note in her body to be low?”. The muscles and nerves were imbalanced by two trapped emotions, overwhelm and shame that were imbalancing the adrenals. This was fascinating to me and Kerry! 

For me the key here is that no matter what other modalities there are, I personally find that when I combine them with the Body Code it helps clear the energies to bring the body to balance.


Charan Surdhar Emotion Code/Body Code Practitioner