by Charan Surdhar, Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner

These days stress is a huge part of our lives and I’m betting this is nothing new to you? Right now you are probably nodding to yourself “yes, yes, of course I hear this everywhere and experience it too.” Well then, today 
I would like to talk about the stress response in the body, how it impacts our hormones and how it also relates to the Emotion Code. Intrigued?

Hormones are the messengers of the body and they signal the cells in the body to respond to the environment. Hormones are released by glands in the body, more specifically, by the HPA axis i.e. the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal axis. When a signal comes in from the outside, it is the hypothalamus that receives the signal, and relays it to the pituitary and adrenal glands. 

When the body receives signals of “danger”, “stress” or “overload”, the body responds via the HPA axis by increasing the stress response and this results in the blood moving away from the organs and glands to the arms and legs, in preparation for a “fight or flight” response. When the body receives a signal that says all is well, the response via the HPA axis is to supply the organs and glands with blood, and this is supportive to the growth of the body. The high stress response results in lowered immunity and the low stress response in increased immunity in the body.

Emotions are energy too, as are the glands and organs. As we are interacting with our environment we experience emotions, we can also pick up other people’s emotions. As this happens, some of these emotions can get trapped in the body, and imbalance the HPA axis by holding the frequency of the particular trapped emotions. Some examples are sadness, or grief.

The emotions we experience or pick up (even inherited from our parents at the point of conception) can get trapped anywhere in the body, and where ever they are trapped will “interfere” with the frequency of the body. This too can impact the body’s stress response via the HPA axis to the environment. 

Of course it is necessary to have balance in our lives and it isn’t possible to completely eliminate stress, as it is in all areas of our lives. Stress isn’t a good or bad thing, it just is. But the main point here is that we can release these trapped emotions using the Emotion Code, and allow the body to live more in harmony with the signals that we are receiving from our environment.