Our babies and children need the nurturing energy that comes from the power of loving words. I cannot think of a time when the power of words is more important than when a baby angel enters this world.

By Kathleen Kuper, CBCP

“Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” I remember saying that phrase as a young girl, hoping that there was magic in those words to take away the hurt that I was feeling.

Why do negative words hurt? Because words are energy in motion. Words carry the energy of the intention held by the person expressing the hurtful words. As children, we are like sponges, soaking up the energy of the words first uttered to us by our parents. We hear the words that vibrate love, or not.

I would like to underscore the incredible power of words through the example of one specific client. We had been working on trapped energies underlying weight issues, relationship issues, and self-worth. During one session, she asked if we could specifically focus on the verbal abuse that she suffered from both her parents beginning at a very early age.

All her life, her mother called her fat. Her father would make derogatory comments about her looks. She would be called stupid. This verbal abuse began in the womb and thereafter. She was told she never should have been born; she was not wanted. Throughout her life, she has always felt the ramifications of these words, mostly in her relationship with herself and her beliefs about her self-worth.

Together, we discovered and cleared the following:

An imbalance in the root chakra due to an underlying disconnection of the spirit body with the physical body. The root chakra is related to your sense of belonging, your tribe, your family, your survival, and sense of security. Without her mother’s words of love and nurturing, my client’s life-force energy became out of sync with her physical body. Her sense of being safely grounded was not established with loving words from her mother or father.

An imbalance in the solar plexus.The solar plexus is linked with one’s sense of personal power, self esteem, and self confidence.There were absolutely no words welcoming this beautiful child into the world, and this lack of emotional connection created emotions of abandonment, vulnerability, grief, and insecurity.

A Heart-Wall that was specifically related to verbal abuse. Some of the emotions that were trapped were depression at two years old, terror and failure at five years old, conflict at age six, and both shame and vulnerability at ten months old. The child within her held this shame throughout her life, feeling the energy of it without being consciously aware of it. When a situation arose that called for her to to demonstrate self-confidence and empowerment, she felt blocked, not good enough, and judged.

A number of psychic traumas. Psychic traumas occur when two emotions are felt simultaneously, and they are trapped as one ball of energy. A psychic trauma of both shame and humiliation was trapped at age four. Helplessness and abandonment were trapped just after birth, again connected with lack of any nurturing words of love or joy for this baby.

An emotional resonance of love unreceived. An emotional resonance is like a ringing or a reverberating in every cell of the body. This constant ringing of love unreceived started at six months old.

A mental energy of “ no will to live” was trapped just after birth. To me, this is one of the most disheartening examples of the power of words. This baby, whose sense of belonging, safety, and self worth were extremely compromised, lacked a desire to thrive.

Our babies and children need the nurturing energy that comes from the power of loving words. I cannot think of a time when the power of words is more important than when a baby angel enters this world. The power and energy of words of love are the breath of life to this angel, this gift from God, and this is the greatest gift a mother and father can give to the child.

We all have at some time in our lives been the recipient of words that hurt us. But by being more aware of the power of words, we can consciously “be impeccable” with our word, and be responsible for what we create.

With The Emotion Code and The Body Code we can identify and release the negative energies that hold us back from knowing the truth of who we are, and grow in unconditional love for that beautiful, innocent child within.

My client is now living a life of abundance and success, both professionally and in her personal relationships. She has achieved greater clarity with every Trapped Emotion released, and she continues to evolve and grow in her relationship with her true self, having an ever-greater understanding and appreciation of how far she has come.

I end with the power and energy of these most beautiful words. From my heart to yours:

The Divine light in me honors and acknowledges the Divine light in you.

Through the many years that Kathleen Kuper practiced Yoga and ballet, she has always experienced a deep connection between body, mind, and spirit. After retiring from a fulfilling teaching career in French, she became attuned in Reiki, The Emotion Code, and The Body Code. Connect with her online at Energy Healing Journey.