Water is a powerful source of our physical and mental well-being. It’s in every cell and makes up about 65% of our body. Without water, we cannot survive. But have you ever thought about water as a powerful spiritual element? Since the beginning of time, water has been used in energy healing as a source that aids in meditation, spirituality, relaxation, and restoration.

Under The Lense: The Science Behind Positivity

Dr Masaru EmotoIn the 1990’s Dr. Masaru Emoto set out to discover how physical, mental, and emotional well-being affects water. Through a series of experiments, Dr. Emoto studied the physical effect of human consciousness on the crystalline structure of water by freezing drops of water and using high-speed photography to capture the composure of water crystals before and after words, prayers, and music. What he discovered was profound.

Dr. Emoto found that the most beautiful crystals were formed after the water was exposed to the words “love and gratitude” which were written on a vial of water. What began as a bland, unremarkable molecule structure prior to actions of positivity, morphed into breathtakingly beautiful crystals after things like prayer, loving words, and uplifting music. When subjected to a positive environment, water molecules would respond by turning into amazing hexagonal water crystals, whereas negative environments create ugly-looking water crystals.

Dr. Emoto did find a catch, however; not all water responded to these positive actions. Tap water from places around the world and stagnant or polluted water formed unattractive, deformed frozen crystals. Rainwater, water from holy places, and water from clean streams, rivers, and glaciers all transformed into gorgeous crystals when frozen. He also found that, like spoken words of affirmation, water would crystalize beautifully when subjected to written words. After taping paper strips with words like “Thank you” and “I love you” onto bottles of water, the molecules would again form enchanting crystals. Words like “You make me sick” and “You’re a fool” however, would result in ugly, deformed crystals.

What Water Teaches Us

Dr. Emoto’s discoveries are nothing short of exceptional.  And yet, when applied to the inner workings of our lives, the underlying principles of his discoveries can make a profound difference in our environment and overall wellbeing. Just think: if our thoughts, words, and actions can have this remarkable effect on water crystals, what kind of effect can they have on the people and events in our lives.

By making subtle changes in our thoughts, actions, and emotions, we can influence the energies that enhance our ability to heal, to find peace, and to live a grateful life.  If we heed negative thoughts and emotions, we will release negative energies into our bodies and environment, whereas if we make an effort to think constructive, happy, gracious thoughts, we will put beneficial, positive energies.Chi of Love Water Crystal

Changing your way of thinking isn’t always easy. Most of the time we subconsciously surround ourselves with things that drive fear and anger rather than things that bring us joy and positivity. Positive and negative energies have a way of attracting the same, and by constantly giving into thoughts of anger and fear we unintentionally attract more negativity into our lives. So, by being aware of the intentions behind our thoughts and actions, we can learn to infuse ourselves and our surroundings with positivity.

Dr. Emoto explained that perhaps the easiest way to change your energies for the better is to let your actions be the driving force of love and gratitude. Love is well-known for its transferable energy – it’s something you give and receive. And by always trying to keep love and gratitude in the forefront of your mind, you can naturally radiate positive energy.

Achieving Optimal Well-Being

Reaching this perpetual state of love, graciousness, and positivity can be done by frequently engaging in the same thoughts and actions that caused Dr. Emoto’s water molecules to morph into radiant crystals: gracious prayer, uplifting song, and positive words. Also, by immersing yourself in energy healing programs and resources like The Body Code, you can balance your body’s energies through muscle testing to feel happier, relieve stress, form and nurture better relationships, and increase your overall well-being by freeing yourself from trapped emotions.