I have been greatly influenced by friends and family who have endured tremendous physical and emotional pain, year after year. I observe how these trials have softened them and how they have gained insight into the process of healing. For some, that healing comes quickly and for others it comes over time.

There are moments when we feel frustrated and desperately seek for answers- Why can’t I get well? The answer to that basic question has a few possible answers.

Healing is more of a journey, and not just an event. Sometimes that journey seems more than we can bear. But we are not alone, and there is purpose in it.

Pain is a Teacher

Pain can be a teacher. May I suggest that some of the pain you feel, physical or otherwise, is the only way to learn certain lessons? It may not be possible to truly begin to appreciate good health until you have felt poorly. As a result, sometimes that perfect health is elusive, and then comes the opportunity to stretch your capacities through God’s incredible power and wisdom. God is a God of miracles- healing miracles! As a person grows and searches for answers, I believe He honors those efforts and magnifies them. In His good time, healing does occur.

A good friend of mine sought me out to help her as she went through the grueling process of chemotherapy. This was the second time she had Leukemia and she was terrified. Her body was at the point where she needed medical assistance, and my friend also knew this was part of her journey to refine her personal character. This growth couldn’t be granted except by going through it, but our sessions did bring her peace and boost her feelings of confidence to go on. She reports,

“I was very anxious about approaching my chemotherapy, radiation, and stem cell transplant procedures. I had been told all the immediate and long-term side effects and they caused me great concern. I knew my body was extremely vulnerable and weak. My Heart Wall sessions provided a sense that I could do something more than simply submit my body to the mercy of my doctors and their medicine. I experienced relief from my anxiety as well as insight into the way my body was working and reacting, both to traditional medicine and to understanding my emotion and the condition of my heart. I realized I had control over a deeper search for peace.” – Sarah Kimball (name has been changed.)

I have found that as character and perspective change, so follows improvement with our health. 

Why am I not getting well? 

In my practice I have found that there are a few reasons why clients struggle to see results as fast as they would like. Here’s what I’ve noticed:

1. I’m not worth it. Because the subconscious mind accepts what you tell it, your health will reflect what you inherently feel about yourself. If you tell yourself over and over again that you aren’t worth people’s time or respect, or make conscious decisions to misuse the body, the subconscious will reflect that effort. If your mind accepts that you aren’t worth saving, the systems in the body won’t respond as efficiently. Some of us spend our lives valuing the time and efforts of others far more than our own. The ever-present subconscious mind is always recording our actions and thoughts, and interpreting that as whether or not we believe that we are actually worth healing.

Motivational speaker Wayne Dyer said “Self Worth comes from one thing- thinking that you are worthy.” If this is the case, I usually ask questions of the body that are related to issues of self-worth and self-esteem. I encourage clients to open a chapter of their journey to developing deep, respectful feelings of love toward themselves. Know that you are loved.

2. Client engages in self sabotage. In order to feel better, it is important to make the choice to be better. I am currently working with a woman who has a terrible marriage. As I am not a counselor, I refrain from telling her how to manage that relationship. But it has become apparent that much of her chronic sleeplessness is because of her direct contact with her abusive husband. After our sessions she feels peaceful and content. After a few days interacting with him, she doesn’t sleep.

Another client suffers from terrible digestive problems and chronic back pain. He has made the connection that when he engages with his co-dependent mother, moments later the pain intensifies. His Body Code sessions are as much healing to him as they are educational. The imbalances uncovered help him to understand what he is truly carrying when he allows his mother to walk all over him. Once he persistently enforced boundaries, his back pain lessened.

Some of us are much kinder and more forgiving to others than they are to us. That can be a recipe for a health disaster unless there are firm boundaries in place. You must understand that setting limits to protect your time, efforts, resources, and space is very important. The answer to being able to do this might be found through professional counseling and thoughtful, reflective prayer and meditation. Resolving to safeguard your emotional resources and not be taken advantage of is most critical to long-term healing.

3. Timing is everything. I could have two clients that have back pain. One client feels better after a few sessions, and the other client requires months of work. It is impossible to tell how long a person needs to feel better. When clients ask how long it will take to feel better, I tell them as fast as their body allows them to. Sometimes it simply isn’t possible to heal as fast as it might be convenient. I suggest to clients that it is no accident that they came across The Body Code as the next step in their journey of healing. There may be other components they may need to add, such as exercise or professional counseling, too. I find that testing the body for outside needs helps the client to feel empowered, knowing that they can choose to move forward on their own accord.

A young woman suffered terribly at the hands of an abusive parent as a child. Anxious to move forward with her life, she exclaimed how frustrated she was. She felt like she had been held back for long enough. I felt an understanding rest upon my heart. Muscle testing revealed that in order for her to be emotionally strong enough to deal with this problem, her body needed to become physically stronger. Muscle testing indicated that she needed to be engaged in an everyday physical fitness routine. As she grew stronger, her Body Code sessions went deeper, and she began to see the results she yearned for.

Hippocrates said, “Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.” Inspiration and new ideas will come in their own good time, when we are most ready to receive them.


~ Lisa Magnusson, CBCP
Email: lmagnusson81@gmail.com
Website: PragmaticHealth.com

Author Bio: Lisa Magnusson is a certified Body Code practitioner, specializing in trauma and chronic pain related issues.

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