written by Linda Raymond

I was working with a woman (let’s say her name is Jane). We were working on releasing trapped emotions and many were coming up as hidden Heart-Wall emotions. I asked her if she wanted to know what her “Wall” was made of, and as I was going through some materials I was being lead to ask if it was rubber. I thought at first, “this is strange”, but being an animal communicator I have learned not to question.

I tested that her “Wall” was rubber. Jane had no recollection of anything rubber in her life, but I knew her subconscious was telling me correctly. We continued to work on trapped emotions and came to one that happened when she was sixteen. Jane began to cry and I could see her releasing this emotion. At this time I did not know what the situation was (you know how you can test to see if what your client is thinking about is the correct scenario without the person telling you the details; that is why I love this method – clients have the choice to reveal things that happened.) Anyway, all of a sudden Jane looked startled and told me she knew where the rubber came from. She then decided she wanted to share what had happened and explained that she had been abused by her father at sixteen and her father had been a tire salesman. Wow, what goose bumps. Validations like these always make me know I am doing the right thing with TEC in helping others.

author bio:
I am a retired teacher who has been certified in level II Reiki, The Emotion Code and trained and practice animal communication. I love helping others and feel gifted in the use of Universal Energy. I am continually working to be more in-tune with all the healing powers God has to offer us.

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