I thought I should share a story about success with one of my clients. A mom friend asked me if I could do some work with her for her son who is five. They live in another state so we worked by phone. This little guy is now five but was in the NICU for the first three months of his life due to Brain Meningitis. He is a happy, normal child according to my friend but whenever anyone even mentions a dentist or doctor or being sick, he “freaks out.”

As we worked with The Emotion Code and Body Code, normal emotions of fear, abandonment, and others were found. He had a “No Will to Live” energy and couldn’t give or receive love. The Body Code chart took me eventually to the brain and a particular part of the brain. My friend then said, “Oh, that is the part of his brain that is missing, 25% of it.” After the session was over, I asked her to keep me posted on his progress. About five hours later, this is what she texted me: “I was talking to Weston and just asking how he was doing and feeling about things when he came inside from playing. He said he felt good. I asked him what he felt if I told him I needed to go to the dentist, or if Drake needs a check-up with a doctor. He smiled, shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t know, I don’t feel anything.” That is a serious miracle! Typically he would have started breathing hard, crying, screaming, squeezing my arm and repeatedly saying, “NO!” But the fact that he had a smile on his face and felt “nothing” is such a blessing! I can’t thank you enough. This is seriously life changing for our family!

Then she texted, “I can’t wait for Primary (children’s religious class) tomorrow!” He has been saying he doesn’t like Primary and when he has children, he will never take them because he doesn’t want to force them.

The next day right after church she texted me this. “Today was the first Sunday EVER that Weston went to Primary without crying! He also has been super snuggly. He hated being held or receiving physical affection in any form but we watched a movie last night and he climbed up in the chair with me and laid his head on my shoulder and held my hand the whole time! I had no idea his lack of affection was because of a problem, I thought it was just his personality. He is a new boy today! He hasn’t gotten defensive when being told to apologize to his brother. He just quickly says “sorry” on his own accord when he plays too rough. He seems happier. I seriously am so amazed! It’s remarkable!! ”

~Pat Clements